Embark on a transformative journey to sustainability with UGREEN's premier LEED Green Associate course. Designed for professionals and students alike, this course equips you with the gold standard in green building principles, ensuring you're not just prepared but poised to excel in the rapidly evolving world of sustainable design. With a blend of engaging content, practical insights, and a community-driven approach, we are committed to your success in achieving LEED accreditation on your first attempt.

Target Audience:

  • Architects, engineers, and professionals seeking to integrate LEED standards into their projects
  • Owners and managers of architectural and building companies aiming to expand into green consulting
  • Architecture and engineering students eager to pivot into the fulfilling world of eco-friendly design


  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of LEED certification, rating systems, and the exam process
  • Master the prerequisites, requirements, and credit categories essential for LEED projects
  • Acquire practical strategies and insights to excel in the LEED Green Associate exam
  • Enhance your professional stature and open doors to global opportunities in sustainable design


LEED Green Associate Course Classes

  • Public Outreach and LEED Process (123:47)
  • The LEED Process (148:00)
  • Sustainable Thinking and Integrative Process (147:15)
  • Location and Transportation + Sustainable Sites (122:53)
  • Sustainable Sites + Water Efficiency (113:04)
  • Energy and Atmosphere (120:06)
  • Materials and Resources (134:53)
  • Indoor Environmental Quality (112:56)

Module 2: LEED Practice Tests

  • LEED Practice Tests 1 (100 questions)
  • LEED Practice Tests 2 (100 questions)
  • LEED Practice Tests 3 (100 questions)

LEED Green Associate: Digital Book


  • Duration: 8 Comprehensive Classes, 3 Quizzes
  • Format: Digital course with instant anywhere-access, providing a flexible and friendly learning environment.
  • Certification: Course certificate upon course completion