Welcome to a unique convergence of innovation, collaboration, and transformation in the architectural realm, powered by artificial intelligence. The Architecture AI Community invites you to join a limited offer that promises to redefine the boundaries of architectural design and professional growth. This exclusive platform is where the future of architecture and AI intersects, offering unparalleled resources, learning experiences, and networking opportunities.

Target Audience:

  • Architects and designers eager to explore and integrate AI in their projects.
  • Professionals looking for cutting-edge tools and insights in architectural design.
  • Individuals seeking a supportive community to share and develop innovative ideas.


  • Master AI in Architectural Design: Understand and apply AI technologies to revolutionize architectural projects, enhancing creativity, efficiency, and innovation.
  • Access Cutting-Edge Tools: Gain insights into the latest AI software and tools that can transform architectural design, planning, and execution.
  • Stay Ahead of Industry Trends: Be at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies in AI and architecture, ensuring your skills remain relevant and in-demand.


Module 1: Architecture AI Workshops

  • Architecture AI Workshop (January 2024, Part 1) (102:48)
  • Architecture AI Workshop (January 2024, Part 2) (89:54)
  • Architecture AI Workshop (January 2024, Part 3) (118:12)
  • Architecture AI Workshop (February 2024) (111:38)
  • Architecture AI Workshop (March 2024) (223:06)

Module 2: Discover Better Project Opportunities: Climate Evaluation

  • How to Use ChatGPT in Your Own Computer: GPT4All (9:04)
  • Using An Image Generation Software in Your Computer: Comfy UI (8:53)
  • From Sketch to Video Renderings With Only Free Softwares (16:37)


  • Duration: Monthly Workshops and Classes, Increasing every week
  • Format: Live events, video modules, and interactive sessions
  • Certification: Course certificate upon course completion