Dive into the heart of biophilic design with this transformative course designed for architects, engineers, and designers committed to creating environments that resonate with our innate love for nature. The "Biophilic Design Blueprint" offers a comprehensive approach to incorporating health, wellness, and a deep connection to the natural world into every aspect of design. This course equips professionals with the knowledge, skills, and practical strategies needed to excel in biophilic design and to become a vanguard in sustainable architecture and design.

Target Audience:

  • Architects, engineers, and interior designers passionate about integrating natural elements into their projects.
  • Professionals looking to improve client satisfaction through enhanced well-being, productivity, and motivation.
  • Design enthusiasts eager to contribute to a greater sense of community through their work.


  • Master the application of biophilic design principles to improve health and productivity in built environments.
  • Enhance personal and professional growth by incorporating nature-inspired designs that foster well-being and creativity.
  • Differentiate your design practice by adopting and promoting biophilic design strategies, contributing to real estate appreciation and environmental sustainability.
  • Foster a stronger connection between humans and nature through thoughtful design.


Module 1:

  • Introduction: What is Biophilic Design (4:18)
  • Fundamentals: Why Biophilic Design (12:39)
  • Fundamentals: The Theory of Biophilia (8:50)
  • Fundamentals: The 6 Biophilic Design Elements (9:28)

Module 2:

  • Environmental Features (30:49)
  • Natural Shapes and Forms (19:33)
  • Natural Patterns and Processes (46:40)
  • Light and Space (32:42)
  • Place-based Relationships (22:21)
  • Evolved Human-Nature Relationships (22:00)

Module 3: Lighting Comfort

  • Case Study: Biophilic Design (113:51)
  • Case Study: Final Biophilic Design Report (82:35)


  • Duration: 12 Classes
  • Video lessons, case studies, downloadable PDF documents, and student support
    Certification: 20-hour certificate of completion in Biophilic Design