Unlock the door to accelerating your career with state-of-the-art green strategies and positive connections in the #Greenhero Community. Powered by UGREEN, this exclusive platform is designed to transform you into a sustainable design expert, offering comprehensive learning resources, worldwide networking opportunities, and VIP access to global events. By joining the #Greenhero Community, you're not just enhancing your design skills; you're stepping into a global movement of sustainable architects dedicated to creating a healthier planet.

Target Audience:

  • Students and professionals in architecture and design with a keen interest in sustainability.
  • Architects and designers seeking to integrate sustainable practices into their projects.
  • Individuals looking for a collaborative, supportive network to share knowledge and grow in the field of green architecture.


  • Develop Expertise in Sustainable Design: Master the best strategies for energy efficiency, water savings, sustainable materials, and environmental quality through practical classes and resources.
  • Practical Learning through Simulations: Dive deep into green project simulations, learning daylight simulations, energy reduction strategies, thermal comfort, and more, to develop data-driven green projects.
  • Business and Marketing Acumen: Acquire marketing and sales strategies to grow your sustainable design business, differentiating yourself in the competitive market.


Module 1: Discover Better Project Opportunities: Conditioners Evaluation

  • Case Study: Biophilic Design (113:51)
  • Structuing a Sustainable Business With Star Wars (87:50)
  • How Designers Can Help Fight COVID-19 (90:41)
  • The Best Strategies For Sustainable Schools (123:28)
  • Start Tall X Small Building Simulation: Which One Is More Energy Efficient? (71:16)
  • Start Case Study: Final Biophilic Design Report (82:35)
  • Sustainable Interactive Class - May 25th 2021 (180:09)
  • Reducing The Carbon Footprint on Architecture Projects (85:02)
  • Shading Devices Calculation (79:57)
  • Green Roof Design (Part 1) (92:02)
  • Green Roof Design (Part 2) (110:45)
  • How Can Life Cycle Assessment Make Materials More Sustainable (95:36)
  • Sustainable Urban Design - Part 1 (85:10)
  • Sustainable Urban Design - Part 2 (132:57)
  • Biomimicry (77:01)
  • Vertical Gardens (128:55)
  • Quality Views (93:52)
  • Green Materials Inside Certifications (130:41)
  • Materials Health and Sustainability - Insulation (89:31)
  • Sustainable Solutions for Low Budget Projects (102:14)
  • Understanding Life Cycle Assessment of Building Products (71:25)
  • Mitigating Climate Change With Life Cycle Assessment (75:15)
  • Life Cycle Analysis Modeling For Sustainable Products (83:47)
  • The Benefits of Life Cycle Studies for Brands (74:14)
  • How to Use Data to Create Green Houses (74:33)
  • Construction Elements Analysis and Optimization (56:21)
  • The Crucial Steps to Achieve Energy Efficiency on Architecture Projects (71:12)
  • Budget Optimization For Green Buildings (56:48)
  • Improving Daylight in Homes From Scratch (66:48)
  • Creating a Green Lighting Design (66:08)
  • How to Apply Biophilia In Your Projects (68:37)
  • The Best Biophilic Design Strategies (73:17)
  • Light & Cultural Elements For Mental Health (76:48)
  • Increasing your project repertoire with Biophilic Design (65:19)
  • What is comissioning and why it is so important for green buildings (91:48)
  • The Main Principles of a Healthy Home (and how to make a Home Detox) (72:59)
  • Dealing With Mold (86:07)
  • Electromagnetic Fields (39:01)
  • Acoustics for Healthy Homes (87:39)
  • Water Health and Sustainability (97:26)
  • How to Deal With Daylight Inside Spaces (83:57)
  • How to Become a Sustainability Consultant From Zero (93:54)
    5 Steps for Cost-Effective Sustainable Design (91:44)
  • Eight Main Recommendations to Accelerate Design Businesses (92:24)
  • Start The Crucial Skills of a Sustainability Consultant (92:35)


  • Duration: Over 50 classes, including live masterclasses, PDF guides, and mind maps on each topic.
  • Format: Video tutorials, live stream sessions, and interactive discussions, designed for comprehensive and practical learning.
  • Certification: Course certificate upon course completion