Join us for "Sustainable Materials 101," a transformative course designed for architects, builders, and enthusiasts eager to delve into the essence of sustainable architecture. This isn't just another lecture series; it's a dynamic exploration into the world of eco-friendly materials, offering you a deep understanding of their types, uses, and impacts. With a focus on practical application, this course demystifies the complexities of sustainable roofs, finishes, and the specification process, turning ambitious sustainable design concepts into achievable realities.

Target Audience:

  • Architects and builders seeking to incorporate sustainable materials into their projects.
  • Design enthusiasts passionate about green living and eco-friendly construction.
  • Professionals aiming to expand their expertise in sustainable design practices.


  • Understand the Diversity of Sustainable Materials: Gain comprehensive knowledge of various eco-friendly materials available for sustainable architecture.
  • Master Specification and Documentation: Acquire essential skills in specifying and documenting sustainable materials for your projects effectively.
  • Achieve Sustainable Design Goals: Equip yourself with the strategies needed to minimize waste and optimize efficiency, balancing aesthetics with environmental responsibility.


Module 1:

  • Introduction (1:29)
  • Types of sustainable materials (14:15)
  • Sustainable roofs and finishes (24:28)
  • Specification of sustainable materials (27:12)
  • Documentation of sustainable materials (29:47)

Module 2:

  • Understanding Life Cycle Assessment of Building Products (71:25)
  • Mitigating Climate Change With Life Cycle Assessment (75:15)
  • Life Cycle Analysis Modeling For Sustainable Products (83:47)
  • The Benefits of Life Cycle Studies for Brands (74:14)

Module 3:

  • Sustainable Matetials Live Workshop (209:45)


  • Duration: 10 Classes
  • Format: Video modules, PDF guides
  • Certification: Course certificate upon course completion