Urgent: First Spots Special Condition for the UGREEN Platinum Access

Hi! Filipe Boni here.

This message is to let you know that during our fourth class on Monday, April 18th, at 12 PM UTC, we will open registrations for the UGREEN Platinum Access.

So I need to give you some news. Some are outstanding, others not so great.

As we said in the last masterclasses, the UGREEN Platinum Access is the step-by-step guide to becoming a certified green building professional and mastering the skill of creating and optimizing green buildings, even if you're starting from scratch.

This is our most complete access released ever. And only on this special occasion you will have access to:

  • Complete Green Building Courses: Interactive materials with the fundamental teachings to become a Green Building Jedi, of which more than ten courses and 200 classes were prepared and presented by the UGREEN Team. The content is organized straightforwardly and practically, in addition to being constantly updated.
  • Weekly Live Masterclasses: Availability of recordings of all 60 live classes already held on the most varied topics, expanding the green building universe: Biomimicry, Green Building Certifications, Life Cycle Assessment, New Softwares, Sustainable Urban Design, Building Technologies, and much more. The expansion of the green building universe is here!
  • The Worldwide Greenhero Community: Live and collaborative! Every day we have new posts, whether with questions or insights that make you a better green professional. Also, it is an ongoing networking community with job opportunities, discussions, and more.
  • Exclusive PDF Materials: For you who like to diversify your learning path, know that you will find EPIC support material in all our courses. All available in PDF files, some in mindmaps, spreadsheets, slides, or step by step notes – a complete process focused on helping you learn and put strategies into practice.
  • Complete Content Portal: All this content is available on our platform, designed especially for you, so 8 learning paths will guide your journey depending on which green building possibilities you want to explore.

All happens online, and you have 1-year access to all UGREEN courses + bonuses.

It is a unique opportunity. Those who know us are sure that we have never made an offer like this before.

Then on Monday, April 18th, during our 4th Class at 12 PM UTC, we will open registrations for the UGREEN Platinum Access for all our audience.

Every field is looking for sustainable solutions to mitigate climate change, and the construction industry is no different. Therefore, being a green professional expands your opportunities, generates more impact in your practice, and makes your lasting difference possible.

And as now you know, The UGREEN Platinum Access is an excellent accelerator for these results.

This is one of the good news. The second good news is:

A Discount Over the Regular $997 Price

The price of the UGREEN Platinum Access is US$997 today, and increasing since it is a platform that grows every day with new courses, classes, and community exchange.

However, there will be a super discount for only the first members. So you can get the UGREEN Platinum Access access for a unique special discount. Also, you have a chance to get:

- One-to-One Mentoring (first 3 buyers)

- The Greenhero T-shirt (first 10 buyers)

- Group Mentoring (first 30 buyers)

I repeat, this discount and the special bonuses will be available only for a few spots. Whoever loses, loses. Simple as that.

Now, The Bad News...

When we opened our courses for purchase in the last 5 events, they were sold out less than 48 hours.

But now, we will announce the UGREEN Platinum Access, which is our most complete green experience ever, and opening it for all our audience. This includes our email list with 400,000 subscribers, our Instagram with +150,000 followers, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, etc.

Therefore, since everyone now knows about the special condition, we estimate that the remaining spots for the UGREEN Platinum Access will run out quickly.

They are aware of the transformative potential of this process and have seen in videos the results caused in several people's lives.

They are also already aware of the bonuses, which add immense value to the package.

Therefore, I cannot guarantee how long we will be able to keep the offer open. It may run out in a few days—maybe hours. Honestly, I can't predict it.

For this reason, I decided to explain in advance how the registration will take place so you can prepare to compete for the last spots—if you are convinced that the UGREEN Platinum Access is for you, of course.

How to Get the UGREEN Platinum Access

During our fourth class on April 18th, we will send you an email and whatsapp message with a link for the UGREEN Platinum Access .

Also, we will explain everything the training has, does not have, for who it is and who is not, what are the guarantees, all very detailed.

So on Monday at 12 PM UTC, stay tuned in our class to increase your chances of getting your spot.

Raise Your Chances to Get the UGREEN Platinum Access

If you want to get the UGREEN Platinum Access link before everyone else, enter one of the Pre-Enrollment Groups. There, we will send the UGREEN Platinum Access Link 15 minutes before everybody else, so you can increase your chances to get it.

You can also ask every question you might have, and the UGREEN team will personally reply to you. 

The link is below. Just click and after that, enter the group.

Classes Replay For The Weekend

I also decided to release a classes replay for the Green Architecture + Interior Design Live Event, but only for the weekend. To watch it, click on the link below:

With Gratitude,
Filipe Boni

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