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1st Class

May 17th, 4PM UTC

Sustainable Opportunities Around The World

Discover the best green trends and unmissable opportunities in sustainability (with case studies).

2nd Class

May 18th, 4PM UTC

The Sustainable Project Roadmap

Download and unveil the map with ten steps to work with genuinely sustainable projects. You will have in hand a complete step-by-step to generate competitive advantages in sustainable projects or consultancies.

3rd Class

May 19th, 4PM UTC

The Best Sustainable Strategies

What are the best strategies to carry out genuinely sustainable projects? We will present our process, together with case-studies from real people who used our method.

4th Class

May 20th, 4PM UTC

The Steps To Become a #GreenHero

What are the steps for you to make a difference with sustainability? Get the summary of the whole week and discover everything that happened in Sustainable Architecture Week.

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