Are you committed to the Green Movement? So follow the steps below:

Filipe, Sami, and the UGREEN Team are compromised to deliver everything you need to start on the Sustainability Consultant market. But you need to do your part:

Task 1. If you aren't on the event Whatsapp group, enter it now

You can access all the event bonuses and class notifications on the VIP group! Group is closed, and only my team and I will interact with you. Don't archive the group since it will appear only when classes happen.

Task 2. Receive Class Notifications On YouTube

Activate the reminder of all four classes so that you can remember the classes. You need to click on the image of each of the four videos and press "Notify Me" in the lower right corner. Do it in all four videos so that you can attend them.

1st Class

Jan 23rd, 12 PM UTC

2nd Class

Jan 24th, 12 PM UTC

3rd Class

Jan 25th, 12 PM UTC

4th Class

Jan 26th, 12 PM UTC

Task 3. Schedule the classes on Google Calendar

Schedule the classes on your google calendar. First, you must press the button below and click "Save" to create the appointments on your Google Calendar.

We wish you a Great Event! We Start In:

  3  5
  2  3
  4  2
  1  1

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