I will confess something to you,

Something that I kept for a long time.

Oh, this is Filipe.

Please read this email to the end because I have excellent news to give you!

For a long time, I lived without knowing what I was going to do with my life.

In two remarkable moments - the first was when I was about to graduate - I was unhappy with the direction I saw that my career could take.

I found myself working as a "screw tightener."

I did an extremely mechanical job with no perspective for when I graduated.

I kept asking myself: Does it have to be this way? Am I graduating to do THIS?

When I started the university, I imagined a world of dreams, of transformation, imagined that I would be a person recognized for making dreams come true.

And at that moment, I was becoming one more in the crowd. I already dated my wife, Flavia, and we were in a challenging financial situation.

My whole family was trying to convince me to study for contests to government jobs - a common thing in Brazil. I started to try even things not related to architecture, such as a Criminal Sketch Artist (that guy who makes thieves sketches, lol).

After many tries, I passed on a contest to become an architect for the government. But for that, I needed to live in a tiny city with my wife.

I remember precisely the day I sat on the bed of our 25m² rented apartment while my wife was away, and I just cried, completely lost.

I don't know if it happened to you, but if it had, you know the feeling.

I couldn't imagine my whole life has become living in a 25m² apartment in a stupid city. And the worst of all - it was the best I could provide to my wife.

But at the same time, I saw no other way out, as I needed the job to support this foolish living.

Our salary wasn't enough to cover all the expenses. We felt powerless in the face of all difficulties. But there comes a time when we can't take it anymore, and it happened to me.

I started putting my head to work, studying the possibilities, and I saw that I could do more, go further.

Then I started to search for another job until I found one. That was it!

One of the best offices in Curitiba called me to say that the job I had applied for was available! Wow, it made ALL the sense for my puzzle.

Life was great again. Years later, I was invited to join one of the biggest construction companies in Brazil.

The salary was excellent. I had a beautiful beach as a playground.

But after some years, the fact is that it was not as easy as it seemed.

The experience, the learning, the networking were incredible. But I DIDN'T HAVE TIME. I had no time for my daughter, for my wife, and I started to get depressed.

At 34 years old, I discovered that I only chased for money to provide for my family, but I wasn't exactly living my own life.

I knew I needed to do something that I genuinely love, but I never thought I was ready.

And it wasn't the easiest time in my life when I decided to take a step towards my dream. I had a family, my daughter, lots of bills to pay, and a comfortable life now.

By the way, a comfortable life that wasn't easy to achieve.

But I couldn't change my mind. I decided to open my office to do sustainable projects and consulting, and I imagine you already know how this story continued!

I swear I never imagined getting where the UGREEN team and I are today.

I asked the universe for A SIGN, and he sent me!

But I received this signal in the form of sadness and depression.

It is hard to do something in a situation like this. But I had to do something. I needed to act! And that was the time I decided to speed up, not slow down!

Deep down, I already knew the path I had to follow, but I was afraid. And it took years of my life.

Because when it is comfortable and safe, we hang on to these ropes even when they are about to break.

But when I found myself with no way out, I acted, and the RESULTS were outstanding.

And why did I decide to tell you this?

Because maybe you are feeling the same I felt. Perhaps you are in the exact moment that I was and not knowing if it would work.

You may not see a way out.

You may be waiting for a sign.

I don't have the petulance to say that we are that sign.

But what I want to say to you today is that when we ask for a sign, we receive it.

And when you ask, it is vital to keep your eyes and ears wide open to all the signs that the universes give us.

After all, the sign has no arms to shake you or a mouth to talk, so even an advertisement on television can be your signal.

So my message to you today is that you can do a LOT more than you think, and I want to offer you a reflection:

"If today were the last day of your life, would you be doing what you are doing today?"

If your answer was no, it's time to take action!

If you already have this feeling that you need to change...

You have the feeling that improving your relationship with sustainability can change your life...

And you have the feeling that it can change your trajectory, and it can modify the story of your life...

Go to the GreenScript page, and find out how you can transform your life!

Enjoy while there is time.

Time to give yourself a gift.

Come to the GreenScript. We will do our best to get you as far or farther than we did.

It is time to start your #Greenherorise.

Filipe Boni

PS .: Everything that happened to me was all at the correct time. But on second thought, I would change only one thing: how I wish I had received this email when I was lost because everything would be easier.

PS.2: Tomorrow we will have a live event to end this cycle that we started with the Sustainable Architecture Week! It will be at 4 PM UTC on Zoom! Enjoy this precious content! I will send you the link tomorrow.

PS.3: Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to enroll in the GreenScript course! If you need help from our team to clarify any doubts or see payment methods, reply to our email. Do not waste time!