Discover The Process To Craft Climate-Conscious Architecture Masterpieces From the First Draft

Experience the UGREEN certification process at our live event, highlighting early-design strategies for climate-conscious, inventive, and cost-effective projects.

A Sneak Peek of Our Upcoming Live Event

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Confronting the Climate Crisis: A Free Live Event on Early-Design Strategies

Join us for an exclusive live event to learn the UGREEN certification process! Embrace sustainable design as architects, engineers, and construction companies worldwide face immense climate change challenges.

Many projects neglect the environment and climate, consuming excessive energy and worsening the climate crisis. Even some green building-certified projects underperform, as certification often starts post-conceptual design.

UGREEN Certification addresses the core issue with an innovative early-design approach, ensuring climate-conscious and efficient projects. At this live event, uncover how UGREEN-certified professionals and companies achieve cost-effective, eco-friendly designs. Don't miss this chance to boost your skills and make a positive impact – sign up now!

The Process You Will Learn To Create Climate-Conscious Buildings:

Join us for a special, free live event exploring the UGREEN Certification, which focuses on five essential Actions Categories for a comprehensive early-design evaluation. As detailed in the Certification Guide, these categories include:

  • Climate Actions
  • Site Actions
  • Design Actions
  • Decarbonization Actions
  • Nature Actions

By attending this one-time event, learn how to effectively implement these Actions in your early design process to create sustainable, efficient, and climate-conscious buildings that contribute to a healthier future. Don't miss this unique opportunity – sign up now!


UGREEN is dedicated to fostering a sustainable future by empowering individuals and companies to embrace positive change. Since 2015, they have collaborated with industry leaders like L'Occitane, Roca, and Boticario Group to adopt sustainable practices.

Their genuine passion lies in equipping professionals with the necessary tools to become "green heroes," making a lasting impact in their communities.

UGREEN has helped over 200,000 people across 146 countries to develop and implement effective sustainability strategies through educational events.

With a mission to instill sustainability principles in as many individuals as possible, UGREEN developed the UGREEN Certification to catalyze the movement towards a brighter, eco-friendlier future.

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