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Dear Future LEED Green Associate,

I noticed you decided to skip our exclusive Monthly Mentoring Sessions and S.A.M.I. AI access.

And that's absolutely okay. We all have unique learning paths and preferences. However, Sami and I, having navigated the intricate world of LEED for years, genuinely want to make your journey to becoming a LEED Green Associate as smooth and efficient as possible.

Given the intricacies of the course content and the immense information you need to grasp, it's easy to feel overwhelmed or miss out on some critical details. That's precisely why we've crafted something special that aligns perfectly with the challenges you might face.

Introducing the LEED Green Associate Flash Cards!

Here’s why these aren't just any flashcards:

  • Expertly Curated: Sami and I have distilled our years of experience and expertise into these 200-question cards. Each one is a nugget of wisdom, ensuring you focus on what truly matters.
  • Quick Glance, Lasting Impact: In moments when you're waiting for a coffee or taking a short break, just pull out a card. Reinforce your learning in bite-sized chunks.
  • Beautifully Designed: We believe that aesthetic appeal enhances learning. Each card isn't just informative; it's a visual treat.
  • Master Complex Topics: Those areas you find tricky? We've simplified them. Dive deep without drowning in complexity.

While our mentoring sessions are a deep dive, think of these flashcards as your quick snorkeling adventures – ensuring you don’t miss out on the beauty that lies just beneath the surface.

And here's the thing. These flashcards aren't available anywhere else. They're an exclusive offer, right here, right now. If you pass on them, they might just become that missed opportunity you think about later.

Remember, in the world of sustainability and green architecture, every detail matters. And we're here to ensure you don't miss out on any.

Dive into this enriching journey with every tool at your disposal. Let's shape a sustainable future, one card at a time.

Warm regards,

Filipe Boni
UGREEN Founder