Urgent: Last Spots With The Special Condition for 24 Hours + Bonuses

Hi! Filipe Boni here.

This message is to let you know that the early-bird spots for the Sustainable Interiors course are already gone.

So I want to inform you that Monday, August 16th, at 12 PM UTC, we will open registrations for the second batch of spots for the Sustainable Interiors Course.

So I need to give you some news. Some are outstanding, others not so great.

As we said in the last masterclasses, the Sustainable Interiors Course teaches you how to start a sustainable interior design practice or consultancy company from scratch.

Only On this Special Occasion, You Will Have Access To:

  1. 1
    The Sustainable Interiors Course, with 54 video classes in 40 hours of breakthrough content where you will learn everything about sustainable interior designs
  2. 2
    Exclusive discussion group within the course
  3. 3
    Bonus: The Complete Sustainable Interiors Chronogram
  4. 4
    Bonus: Integrative Process Masterclass
  5. 5
    Bonus: The Sustainable Interiors Management Masterclass
  6. 6
    Bonus: The Sustainable Interiors Briefing Model
  7. 7
    Bonus: The Sustainable Interiors Proposal Model
  8. 8
    Bonus: The Green Social Course
  9. 9
    Bonus: The Green Sale Course
  10. 10
    Bonus: 1 Year Access for the Greenhero Community
  11. 11
    Bonus: 1 Year Access for the Greenhero Community Weekly Classes

All happens online, and you have lifetime access to all the courses + bonuses, except for the Community that is a 1 Year access since it is an ongoing content developed weekly.

It is a unique opportunity. Those who know us are sure that we have never made an offer like this before.

Then on Monday, August 16th, at 12 PM UTC, we will open registrations for the Sustainable Interiors Course.

You will have the opportunity to be part of this select group of professionals who are growing their careers simply by doing the right thing, making their projects more sustainable, or carrying out consultancies in this field.

This is one of the good news. The second good news is:

Discount of US$300 Over the Usual $697 Price

The price of the Sustainable Interiors is usually US$697—just the Course, without the bonuses mentioned above.

However, there will be a super discount for those who register within 24 hours, or while spots remain, what happens first. So you can still get the Course for only US$397 and receive the outstanding bonuses.

I repeat, this discount will be available only for 24 hours, or if we end the spots sooner. Whoever loses, loses. Simple as that.

Now, The Bad News...

More than 50,000 people have followed our live masterclasses. And when we opened early-bird access live on the 4th class, they were sold out in less than 36 hours.

But now, we are announcing the Sustainable Interiors Course for all our audience. This includes our email list with 400,000 subscribers, our Instagram with 113,000 followers, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, etc.

Therefore, since everyone now knows about the special condition, we estimate that the remaining spots for the Sustainable Interiors Course will run out quickly.

They are aware of the transformative potential of this training and have seen in videos the results caused in several people's lives.

They are also already aware of the bonuses, which add immense value to the course.

Therefore, I cannot guarantee how long I will be able to keep the offer open. It may run out in a few days—maybe hours. Honestly, I can't predict it.

For this reason, I decided to explain in advance how the registration will take place so you can prepare to compete for the last spots—if you are convinced that the Sustainable Interiors Course is for you.

How to Apply to the Sustainable Interiors Course

Monday, August 16th, at 12 PM UTC, I will send you an email and whatsapp message with a link that you can access to learn all about the Sustainable Interiors Course.

What the training has, does not have, for who it is and who is not, what are the guarantees, all very detailed.

Below this page, you will have a sign-up button to direct you to the payment page.

Once the payment is confirmed, we will immediately send you an email with your access details so you can immediately enjoy the Sustainable Interiors Course, the Community, and the bonuses. Simple as that.

So on Monday at 12 PM UTC, stay tuned to your Email and Whatsapp to increase your chances of getting a place in this group.

If you Want to Raise The Chances To Guarantee Your Spot

If you want to get the enrollment reminder 1 hour before everyone else, you will find a special button below. Click to join this VIP Group.

All Replay Classes For 48 Hours

We also decided to release all replay classes for the Green Interiors Roadmap, but just for 48 hours. To watch it, click below:

With Gratitude,
Filipe Boni

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