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Including Health and Wellness in Your Design Is No Longer An Option

Your green hero journey is about to start. This is our biophilic design blueprint.

Improve Health

Improve Productivity

Greater Motivation

Greater Sense Of Community

Are You Still Designing Projects That Fail  to Provide Quality Of Life to The Users?

Biophilic Design is a great ally to architects, engineers and designers who seek to provide the best customer experience.

Bio = nature and philia = brotherly love, affinity. Biophilia is our natural love and affinity with nature.

Express yourself with the most positive human feeling and join this cause.

Check some of the benefits you will have the power to generate in designed spaces:

  • Increased Well-being
  • Improved Productivity
  • Stress Reduction
  • Improved Mental Health
  • Stimulated Creativity
  • Real Estate Appreciation

UGREEN has everything you need to start with the right steps in the world of biophilic design.

Let's plant this transformation together!

Our Training Makes  Mastering Biophilic Design Strategies Simple. Everything Quick and Practical

Here's what you'll learn:

Environmental Elements

Natural Shapes

Natural Patterns

Light and Space

Place Relationships

Human-Nature Relations

Environmental Elements

You will discover how to apply natural elements in the built environment.

Natural Shapes

You will have the tools to select shapes, materials, and patterns to promote an indirect connection with nature.

Natural Patterns

You will discover how to emphasize and use in your project's nature persistent patterns.

Light And Space

Together we will discover the effect of natural light and its color spectrum in our spaces.

Place Relationships

You will discover how to create solid cultural ties aligned with ecology in your spaces, generating a sense of place.

Human-Nature Relations

And finally, you will discover unusual ways of generating an intimate relationship with nature.

Your Plan to Become a Biophilic Design  #greenhero

1. Accept the Challenge

Join the Biophilic Design Blueprint

2. Watch the Course

Each class focuses on simple and hassle-free strategies

3. Become #greenhero

Grow your project repertoire by discovering crucial sustainable skills

See What Some Of Our #greenheroes Say

"I worked 8 years as a university professor and it exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended."

Elena Oliveira

Lisbon, Portugal

"These are advanced strategies for architects looking to become a reference in the interior~s design market."

Carolina Zampier

London, England

"I've been working in the field for 17 years and the course brought me a methodology to optimize the work I already do."

Maria Eugênia

Salvador, Brazil

How can you benefit from using biophilic design in your career?

The construction field market is flooded with professionals of all prices, skills and experiences. Knowing how to differentiate yourself is essential, so that you are not just another product on the shelf.

Biophilic design can be a great ally, as it generates competitive advantages and creates a positive culture around your design practice.

The Challenge here is to teach the basics for you to carry out biophilic design projects, without the hassle and waste of time. When you understand the 60 concepts presented in the 6 hours of class, you will place yourself ahead of the market.

The Biophilic Design Blueprint will give you the fundamentals to better your design, increase your repertoire of ideas to create solutions that will improve the well-being of your customers.

Now, it's up to you to get the results!

Our purpose is to connect humans with nature, but for that to happen, we need you to help us execute it. Don't imprison this knowledge inside your head.

Share the results of this knowledge with the world while creating incredible projects!

What you can expect after You Complete Your Biophilic Design Blueprint ...

  • A new repertoire in your projects
  • More satisfied customers
  • Most shared results
  • More satisfaction in designing


for only


  • 1-year access to 20 hours of class
  • 20-hour certificate of completion
  • Step by step 60 biophilic design strategies
  • Examples and case studies at every step
  • PDF documents for download
  • Student support for the class

What is UGREEN's Mission?

Our mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable construction. Currently, we not only educate the Brazilian market, but also the international community in countries like Portugal, the United States, Canada and Australia.

More than developing projects, we are here to plant a seed, so that you thrive exponentially with sustainable design and make the world a better place.

Come with us, put on your cape and your uniform. The world needs you and we know you are ready! #greenhero

What legacy do you want to leave  the world?

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