Crafting Climate-Conscious Architecture Masterpieces From the First Draft

An innovative and creative early-design process certification which focuses on climate-conscious, exceptional, and more affordable designs.

Some companies that already trust UGREEN:

An Early-Design Approach to Addressing the Climate Crisis

Sustainable design is essential in a world where architects, engineers, and construction companies face immense pressure with climate change.

Unfortunately, many projects are developed without adequately considering the environment and climate, resulting in excessive energy consumption and contributing to the climate crisis. Even green building-certified projects fail to accomplish this goal, since many green building certification processes start after the conceptual design phase.

UGREEN Certification offers a pioneering solution at the root of the problem, emphasizing early-design analysis for climate-conscious and efficient projects.

As a result, UGREEN-certified professionals and companies achieve in their design more cost-effective and eco-friendly results.

Usual Design Process:

Project Idea Starts, Project Team Is Hired

Project is Almost Fully Developed

Project Then Tries To Become Sustainable

Buildings Fail To Be Truly Sustainable

An Early Climate-Conscious Approach With UGREEN Certification Process:

Project Idea Starts, Project Team Is Hired

UGREEN Certified Professional Helps  Finding Sustainability

Project Continues Climate-conscious

Truly Sustainable Buildings Are Achieved

Why Become a UGREEN Certified  Professional or Company?

Discover the key to enhancing sustainability from the start of a project by applying our innovative Early-Design Process in your practice.

This approach enables professionals to make significant changes, decrease costs and workload, and improve their image as leaders in sustainable design.

Architects, Engineers and Designers

Discover early-design savings

Attract new clients

Expand your service offerings

Showcase sustainable projects

Drive positive change

Commercial and Home Builders

Discover early-design savings

Attract investors and financing

Distinguish your properties

Promote intelligent savings

Accelerate rents and sales

Building Management Companies

Discover early-design savings

Increase occupancy rates

Distinguish your properties

Ensure property cost control

Drive profitability

How Does UGREEN Certification Work?

The UGREEN certification empowers professionals with the process and tools to adopt sustainable early-design thinking and create climate-conscious projects.

It encourages a collective approach among industry professionals to discover and conquer sustainability goals usually unthinkable in the traditional process.

By pursuing UGREEN certification, architects, engineers, and construction companies can enhance their careers while contributing to a greener, more sustainable world.

Improve Since The Beginning:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Building Decarbonization
  • Sustainable Materials Specifications
  • Comfort Improvement Strategies
  • Sustainability Communication
  • ESG Compliance
  • And More

How UGREEN Early-Design Process Facilitates Climate-Conscious Buildings:

To ensure a comprehensive early-design evaluation, the UGREEN Certification thoughtfully encompasses five essential Actions Categories, which are described in the Certification Guide. They are:

  • Climate Actions
  • Site Actions
  • Design Actions
  • Decarbonization Actions
  • Nature Actions

Properly following these Actions in our early design process, you will create sustainable, efficient, and climate-conscious buildings that contribute to a healthier future.

Discover Our Sustainability Philosophy and How UGREEN Certification Works:

Explaining The UGREEN Certification Action Categories:

Climate Actions

Understanding factors such as temperature ranges, wind patterns, and psychrometric charts allows professionals to create climate-conscious buildings effectively.

Site Actions

Analyzing factors such as shading, landscape, hardscape, and building codes allows for informed decision-making that results in energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and resilient projects.

Design Actions

Focusing on building orientation, window-to-wall ratio, shading devices, and glazing, professionals can design energy-efficient, comfortable, and eco-friendly buildings.

Decarbonization Actions

Focusing on material optimization, like reducing area and reusing elements, professionals can create buildings that minimize embodied carbon emissions.

Nature Actions

Create eco-friendly projects by conserving water, connecting with nature, and choosing responsible materials, for a sustainable built environment and occupant well-being.

A Predecessor Path to Green Building Certifications

You're likely aware of the numerous green building certifications available. UGREEN Certification aims to be a compatible, streamlined companion that simplifies the process, reduces costs, and facilitates achieving existing green building certifications.

Built on collaboration and support, our professional certification helps your team efficiently meet requirements for other certifications. 

UGREEN Certification precedes established certifications, providing tools and knowledge for environmentally responsible designs from the start and higher certification scores.

With UGREEN Certification, architects, engineers and building companies can showcase their commitment to sustainability through a comprehensive, cost-efficient process.

How Can You Become UGREEN Certified?


Schedule a qualification call to assess eligibility for the UGREEN Certification.


Study the UGREEN Certification Course, and the Green Actions Handbook.


Pass the Certification assessment exam, and receive score oriented feedback.


Become UGREEN Certified and develop early climate-conscious design projects.

What You Get When You Start The UGREEN Certification Process?

Certification Course

Comprehensive UGREEN Certification course covering Climate, Site, Design, Decarbonization, and Nature Actions for a holistic learning experience.

Actions Handbook

In-depth UGREEN Certification reference guide explaining Climate, Site, Design, Decarbonization, and Nature Actions for easy understanding and application.

Assessment Exam

UGREEN Assessment Exam evaluates knowledge and understanding, allowing successful candidates to become UGREEN Certified professionals.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing support sessions provide continuous support throughout the UGREEN Certification journey, ensuring success in implementing sustainable practices.

How Is The Exam In The UGREEN Certification Process?

UGREEN Certification Test Centers Worldwide

The UGREEN Certification is a reputable and globally recognized qualification program endorsed by Prometric. Candidates may choose to pursue this certification through online assessments or by attending authorized Prometric testing centers worldwide.

What You Get When You Finish The UGREEN Certification Process?

UGREEN Certified Professional Certificate In Multiple Formats

Your certification will be delivered to your home after assessment exam approval. You will receive online formats to share in multiple media (and we will too).

VIP Access to Special Events and Online Meetings

Enjoy exclusive discounts on live events and free access to online group meetings. Connect with like-minded individuals and become a part of our thriving design community.

UGREEN Certified Professional Database World Map

Starting in the last quarter of 2023, you will have the opportunity to showcase your skills and talents to a global audience, further enhancing your professional reputation. This is your chance to shine and make your mark in the industry.

And Be Able to Craft Climate-Conscious Architecture Masterpieces From the First Draft

Our program prioritizes climate-consciousness, exceptional design, and affordability, giving you the tools to create truly groundbreaking projects. With our certification, you can elevate your skills and gain a competitive edge in the industry.

UGREEN Certification Fee Structure:

Sole Proprietorship:

US$ 600

2-5 Employees:

US$ 3,000

More Than 5 Employees:

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UGREEN is dedicated to fostering a sustainable future by empowering individuals and companies to embrace positive change. Since 2015, they have collaborated with industry leaders like L'Occitane, Roca, and Boticario Group to adopt sustainable practices.

Their genuine passion lies in equipping professionals with the necessary tools to become "green heroes," making a lasting impact in their communities.

UGREEN has helped over 200,000 people across 146 countries to develop and implement effective sustainability strategies through educational events.

With a mission to instill sustainability principles in as many individuals as possible, UGREEN developed the UGREEN Certification to catalyze the movement towards a brighter, eco-friendlier future.

UGREEN in Numbers

Customers served! + 100  Professionals formed by our courses worldwide
Customers served! + 100  Countries that took part in our sustainability courses
Customers served! 100  Continents with activity in sustainability consultancies

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is UGREEN Certification?

UGREEN Certification is an innovative early-design process certification that promotes sustainable, comfortable, and efficient buildings. It focuses on Climate, Site, Design, Decarbonization, and Nature Actions, empowering architects and builders to create eco-friendly structures while reducing costs and energy consumption.

How Does UGREEN Certification Help My Company?

UGREEN Certification aids companies by streamlining sustainable design, reducing costs, and improving their eco-friendly reputation. The certification facilitates greener projects and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility, while contributing to global climate change mitigation.

What Exactly Does a UGREEN Certified Professional Do?

A UGREEN Certified professional effectively incorporates sustainability from the early stages of a building project, ensuring eco-friendly design, reduced costs, and energy efficiency. They apply the principles of Climate, Site, Design, Decarbonization, and Nature Actions to create comfortable and environmentally responsible structures, contributing to global climate change mitigation and fostering a greener future.

Why Should I Invest In Becoming UGREEN Certified?

By becoming UGREEN Certified, professionals and companies demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, gain a competitive edge, and enjoy cost savings. The certification enhances their eco-conscious reputation and helps create environmentally responsible buildings, contributing to global climate change mitigation efforts.

Who Is UGREEN Certification For?

UGREEN Certification is designed for architects, engineers, designers, building professionals, and companies seeking to create sustainable, eco-friendly structures. It fosters innovative green design, cost reduction, and enhanced reputation in the industry.

How Much Time I Have To Make The Exam After Entering the Certification? 

You have six months to take the assessment exam. After this time, you will be required to pay a $100 to make it.

What If I Don't Pass The Exam?

You can study again and redo the exam by paying a fee of $100.

After Passing The Exam, How Much Time Will I Become UGREEN Certified?

You will be eligible to be UGREEN Certified for two years. After it, you can renovate it by paying the fee of US$100 and taking a reassessment exam.

Unleash Your Climate-Conscious Design

Interested in learning more about UGREEN Certification? Don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated UGREEN Team.

We're here to help you understand the certification process and guide you towards a sustainable, eco-friendly future in building design. 

Connect with us today and embark on your journey towards greener, innovative architecture!

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