February 6

[Green Connection #14] Free AI Images, Happy Hour in SP, and Lessons in the Water


Comfy UI: A Free Image Generator on Your Computer

We have some fantastic news to share: a special video on our channel highlighting the powerful Comfy UI, a revolutionary artificial intelligence tool for image generation. And the best part? It’s completely free!

In the video, we dive into the various benefits and features of Comfy UI. This remarkable software allows anyone, regardless of skill level, to create stunning images at no cost. This opens up a world of possibilities for everyone, from AI enthusiasts to professionals searching for an effective and affordable tool.

We explore the user interface of Comfy UI, which is as intuitive as it is powerful. You’ll learn how to install and start using the software in just a few simple steps. From there, the sky’s the limit: you can create everything from simple designs to complex and detailed visuals.

We highlight how you can customize your prompts to generate precisely the type of image you want. Whether you’re into architecture, art, or design, or just like exploring creativity, Comfy UI lets you bring your ideas to life visually.

But be aware that the video will only be available for a few days, and then it becomes exclusive to our Architecture AI Community. It’s a unique opportunity to see Comfy UI in action and discover how to get the most out of this free tool.

Green Interiors Day in Milan With Online Transmission!

We are excited to announce that, after many requests and conversations with people from all over the world, we have decided to broadcast Green Interiors Day, directly from Milan, online. This means that you can join us at this event dedicated to sustainable interiors from anywhere in the world.

Green Interiors Day is a unique experience that addresses how interiors should be designed, starting from the outside in. We will always explore themes such as climate, supply chain, social issues, and the current zeitgeist to promote a more egalitarian world.

Tickets for the broadcast are now available, and we are happy to be able to offer this option for those who can’t be with us in person in Milan.

For those who wish for the live experience, the in-person version of Green Interiors Day will also be available in São Paulo and Milan. It will be an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and personal experiences.

Life Lessons in the Water: A Father and Son’s Journey


Today, I want to share a personal story, a journey of discoveries and emotions lived with my son in the tranquil waters of a pool.

Our ritual was sacred every weekend: I’d take my son, a little enthusiast of the aquatic world, to the club. Unlike his sister, who has more terrestrial preferences, he was always drawn to water. In this environment, between gentle waves and laughter, I decided to teach him how to swim. The detail that made this mission challenging was that I, his father, did not know how to swim.

In the early days, our trips to the pool were a mix of rehearsal and error, with me trying to demonstrate techniques that I myself did not know. But, a lesson revealed itself in every awkward movement and breath out of rhythm. My son, with patience and encouragement, turned into my instructor.

As time passed, while I was helping him improve his style, something unique happened: I started to truly learn how to swim. And then, on that last weekend, a moment that will be etched in my memory happened: I crossed my first whole lane. It was a conquest deeper than merely learning to swim; it was a victory over fear, insecurity and the prejudice that we are ‘too old to learn’.

This experience with my son in the pool, among many other experiences I’ve had with him – which I’ll tell you more about in the future -, has become a powerful metaphor for life. The most valuable lessons often come from where we least expect them. Breaking the mold of the ‘unquestionable authority of parents’ opened me up to a world where vulnerability and mutual learning strengthen bonds and enrich the soul.

I want to encourage everyone to never underestimate the lessons our children, or anyone, can teach us. Keeping the heart open without prejudices invites constant growth and genuine connections.

May we all dive into the waters of life with the willingness to learn, not just to swim, but to live with more fullness, love, and humility.

Have a great Tuesday!

Filipe Boni


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