February 14

[Green Connection #20] Beetle Inspiring Projects, We Do on Green Interiors Day and Simplicity in Chaos



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Green Transformation of the Sahara Desert: Project Inspired by a Beetle

Have you ever imagined a project that could transform the arid heart of the desert into a verdant oasis? Allow us to introduce you to a peculiar but powerful inspiration for such a feat: the Namib Desert Beetle.

This small but amazing creature has a special trick for surviving in the desert’s foggy days, collecting droplets of water directly from the air on its exoskeleton.

This stunning natural phenomenon inspired the Sahara Forest Project, a revolutionary initiative that aims to transform desert lands into fertile green areas.

Using innovative greenhouse technology powered by seawater, this project mimics the beetle’s ability to collect water from the fog, condensing vapor on cardboard panels to create fresh water for irrigation.

It’s a magnificent fusion of ancient fog-harvesting methods and advanced technology, with the potential to revitalize not just the desert, but also urban areas, transforming them into efficient fog collectors.

But how does this little beetle perform such a feat? Researchers have spent years deciphering this enigma of nature, finding that the shape and texture of the beetle’s exoskeleton are crucial to its ability to capture droplets of water from the air.

This natural bioengineering has the potential to revolutionize the way we collect water, inspiring innovations like self-filling bottles and tents that capture fog for thirsty communities.

What if our cities could learn from the desert beetle? Imagine the potential of buildings and urban structures designed to collect and utilize fog water, ushering in a new era of sustainability for our built environments.

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WeDo Lights Up Green Interiors Day with Sustainable Wood Innovation

We are thrilled to announce the participation of Andreia Machado from WeDo in our Green Interiors Day in São Paulo, an event that celebrates innovation and sustainability in construction.

WeDo, a company that has been turning visions into reality since 2007, is a leading player in the construction market, offering solutions that combine creativity, technology, and sustainability.

WeDo’s expertise in floor and wall covering installation is just the beginning. With a highly specialized team, the company manages projects all over Brazil, developing its own technologies and creating coverings that are not only technologically sophisticated but also easy to maintain, durable, and resistant.

At Green Interiors Day, WeDo will highlight the importance of wood in sustainable interior design. Wood, when sourced responsibly, offers a construction option that not only reduces environmental impact but also brings warmth and natural beauty to spaces.

WeDo and its partnerships, like with Arkos for ecological wood and with Bona for the treatment and maintenance of wooden floors, demonstrate a business model that prioritizes environmental responsibility without compromising quality and aesthetics.

Join us at Green Interiors Day in São Paulo or Milan to discover how WeDo is shaping the future of construction with solutions that respect the environment, without compromising beauty or functionality. This is a crucial step in our collective journey towards a more sustainable world.

Finding Simplicity Amidst Chaos

In this hustle-bustle of life, where complexity seems to be the norm, I bring a reflection on the quest for simplicity. At UGREEN, this journey is lived intensely. Our passion for sustainability in construction inspires us to create rich and lively training.

This passion, born in 2016, has already gifted us with over 400 recorded classes. Each new creation that still surprises us is a reminder that we are on the right track because if we surprise ourselves, we will certainly surprise you too.

However, this incessant search for surprise and excess value can sometimes lead us down complicated paths. Let me give you an example: we are organizing a workshop on artificial intelligence in February.

The obvious path after this event would be to offer a product directly related to the topic. However, the temptation to add more and more, seeking to exceed expectations, does not always result in clear benefits.

If you work in architecture, interiors, construction, or sustainability consulting, you may recognize this tendency to want to offer more than is necessary. Although these additions are made with the best intentions, they may end up being perceived as unnecessary excesses by clients.

Here’s where what I call the “Black Sabbath strategy” comes in (a strategy I’m thinking of patenting soon, just kidding:

The band’s name is Black Sabbath

The first Black Sabbath album is called “Black Sabbath”.

The first song on the “Black Sabbath” album is also called “Black Sabbath”.

And, just to reinforce the concept, Motörhead did something similar!

Whether you’re a fan of these bands or not, it’s impossible to ignore the simplicity and clarity of this approach. It’s a light reminder (and, let’s admit it, with a touch of humor) that sometimes, less is more.

Adopting this strategy means valuing simplicity not as a constraint but as a path to clarity and efficiency. Simplifying is not subtracting value, but distilling our message so that it resonates more strongly. This creates space for the essence of what we offer to truly shine.

So, I invite you to explore where simplicity can be applied in your life and work. It may be a challenge initially, but the clarity that accompanies this process has the potential to completely transform the way we live and connect with others.

Simplifying is a powerful strategy, a way of life that allows us to breathe more freely and find peace amidst chaos. Try it. Simplify something today and see how it can change your perspective and that of those around you.

A big hug, and may your week be an example of simplicity and depth.

Have a great Wednesday,

Filipe Boni

Founder, UGREEN


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