February 29

[Green Connection #32] PET Wool, Energy Generating Roofs and the Importance of Conflict




JULY 8TH TO 12TH, 2024


JULY 8TH TO 12TH, 2024


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Innovating with Sustainability: The PET Wool Revolution in Acoustic Design

Hello Greenhero!

Our focus on acoustic design goes beyond simply reducing noise. It is a journey towards sonic clarity, acoustic precision, and, fundamentally, sustainability. And that’s where the innovation of PET wool enters, transforming this field with a sustainable and highly effective approach.

The Science Behind PET Wool

Unlike traditional materials, PET Wool has a unique cell structure, ideal for absorbing and isolating sounds exceptionally well. This significantly reduces echo and reverberation in environments, providing unprecedented acoustic clarity. Whether in theaters, recording studios, or open offices, where sound quality is essential, PET Wool shows its value.

Efficiency and Sustainability

The effectiveness of PET Wool is not limited to its ability to isolate sounds. Your density and porosity They are designed to capture sound waves of different frequencies, improving not only the reduction of background noise but also the sound quality of the environment.

Through sound absorption, fibers transform acoustic energy into heat, efficiently reducing sound energy. Furthermore, its manufacturing flexibility offers customized solutions for each space.

Trisoft and Sustainable Strategies

Additionally, we are excited to announce thatTriSoft, a reference in sustainable interiors, will be sharing its main strategies on Green Interiors Day in Sao Paulo.

And we have great news: by participating in the event in Milan, you will receive free access to the recordings in São Paulo. So, regardless of where you are, you will have access to valuable information from both events.

Get your ticket to the event in São Paulo (and get the Milan recordings as a free bonus)

Get your ticket to the Milan event (and get the São Paulo recordings as a free bonus)

IBS Power: The Future of Rooftop Power Generation

We are always looking for innovations that not only respect the environment but also actively contribute to a more sustainable future. That’s why we’re excited to share with you a revolutionary solution in the field of power generation: IBS Power.

A Powerful Combination of Sun and Wind

IBS Power is not an ordinary system; it redefines the concept of roofing by combining the power of the sun and wind to generate six times more energy than conventional solar panels. Through an intelligent combination of solar panels, It is wind turbines, this innovative system makes the most of available natural resources.

Solar panels are installed on a metal structure that extends approximately one meter outside the building, optimizing space for solar capture and allowing wind to flow smoothly underneath. The wind turbines, strategically positioned below this structure, capture wind energy, providing an additional boost to power generation.

Natural Cooling for Increased Efficiency

The most impressive aspect is that as the wind passes through the turbines, it acts as a natural cooling for solar panels, increasing their efficiency in15%. This integrated system not only generates energy more efficiently but also extends the useful life of the equipment.

Imagine the impact a solution like IBS Power could have on our cities: buildings not only protected from the elements but also as sources of clean, sustainable energy.

The Importance of the Pacific Conflict in the Search for Balance and Rights

As we navigate the complexities of life, we are often faced with the natural inclination to avoid conflicts.

Whether in the professional sphere, where the search for success is often aligned with sustainability and innovation, or in our personal lives, where the desire for harmony drives us to seek balance and well-being, the aversion to conflict seems to be a constant.

Our journey toward balance is often reflected in the everyday choices we make, from diet to regular exercise, to not only improve ourselves as individuals but also as members of our society and families. However, this search for harmony can sometimes lead us to give in more than we should, avoiding necessary confrontations for fear of disturbing the peace.

This weekend, I invite you to reflect on the presence of conflict in your life. It is important to recognize that not all conflicts are destructive; in fact, some are essential for personal and collective growth. They allow us to defend our rights and set healthy boundaries, ensuring that our needs and those of others are met fairly.

As you look around you, ask yourself: Are there situations where “peaceful conflict” could bring about positive change? Remember, it’s not about picking fights, but about understanding when facing challenges assertively can be the path to a more balanced and satisfying life.

Have a great weekend!

Filipe Boni


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