March 4

[Green Connection #34] Rewilding, Battery Buildings, and Coverage of Expo-Revestir/Salone Del Mobile



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Rewilding: A Fascinating Science for Restoring Our Cities

In a world where stone jungles grow and wild spaces become increasingly scarce, a revolutionary and inspiring idea emerges rewilding or renaturalization. More than simply planting trees or reintroducing species into natural habitats, rewilding invites us to reimagine our relationship with the natural world.

What is rewilding? It’s not just an action; It’s a movement. It’s understanding that we need to protect and restore essential wilderness areas, connect these spaces to allow wildlife to freely roam, and even reintroduce predators to balance ecosystems naturally.

This concept is not only fascinating; is a science that offers real solutions to the challenges of climate change. By adopting rewilding principles, we can significantly improve the health of our planet, promoting a more natural and sustainable balance between humans and nature.

We created a guide detailed about rewilding, exploring its fundamental pillars and how this practice can be a real game-changer in the fight against climate change. In this guide, you will find an accessible introduction to the topic, highlighting how technology can be an ally in this process.

We encourage strongly you to take a look and delve deeper into this topic through our article. Rewilding is not just a hope; It is a necessary action to preserve and restore the balance of our planet.

Can Buildings Become Huge Batteries?

On our journey towards a sustainable future, the search for innovative solutions for storing energy from renewable sources, such as solar and wind, is becoming a priority. And guess what? The buildings around us are starting to play a crucial role in this mission!

Imagine transforming tall buildings into gigantic batteries. That’s right! Using revolutionary technology energy storage takes advantage of empty apartment elevators. The concept is simple but ingenious: storage containers wet sand or other dense materials are lifted by elevators, storing energy through gravity.

The most incredible? Thanks to the systems regenerative braking already present, this innovation does not require additional investments. It is an efficient and environmentally friendly of storing energy, making it more accessible and decentralized. Furthermore, it significantly improves the power quality in cities, integrating perfectly where electricity demand is highest.

This system, known as LEST (Elevator Energy Storage Technology), promises to be a game changer in the way we think about energy storage and urban sustainability.

Want to know more about this innovation? We have a video on Instagram which you can watch here:

First Coverage with a Sustainable Bias of Expo Revestir and Salone Del Mobile!

We are super excited to announce that we will do our first coverage focusing on sustainability both at Expo Revestir and at Salone Del Mobile in Milan.

That’s right! Me, Sami, the entire UGREEN team will dive into these incredible events to bring you everything that is most innovative and sustainable.

Our mission? Extract the better of sustainability in these two world-renowned events. At Expo Revestir, let’s explore the latest trends in sustainable coatings. Already in the Furniture expo in Milan, we will share the most impressive developments in sustainable design seen in the last two editions and what’s new this year.

And there’s more: this coverage is a free bonus exclusive to those who purchase tickets for Green Interiors Day, whether in São Paulo or Milan. By purchasing your ticket for any of the events, you gain access to our special coverage of the two events, plus other incredible bonuses available on the page.

Do not miss out on this! Click on the link to register for the event of your choice and join us on this green journey.

Get Access to the São Paulo Event

Get Access to the Milan Event

Have a great Tuesday!

Filipe Boni


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