March 6

[Green Connection #36] Cobogós, Walls That Cultivate Life, and Green Interiors Day Speakers



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The Fascinating and Wide World of Cobogós

We are super excited to share with you one of our latest articles, and this one is really special. We dive into the fascinating world ofCobogos, those charming pieces that contribute so much to the aesthetics and functionality of Brazilian architecture. This article was written with great care, thinking of you who are interested in design, history, and sustainability.

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Cobogós are not just decorative elements; they carry a historical significance deep, marking its presence since its emergence in Brazil, influenced by Arab heritage, and adapted to the tropical climate to promote natural ventilation in environments. Throughout the article, we explore this interesting trajectory, showing how Cobogós transformed from simple functional elements to icons of modern design.

One of the most exciting aspects we cover is the use of sustainable materials in the making of Cobogós. From terracotta to eco-friendly concrete, we discuss the greenest and most innovative options that are available today, allowing tradition to meet sustainability harmoniously.

Furthermore, we detail how Cobogós can improve building design, offering not only a differentiated aesthetic element but also features such as improved ventilation and natural lighting. Not to mention the various architectural uses that these pieces have, from facades to internal elements, that can completely transform the look and feel of spaces.

And of course, we couldn’t stop talking about the design and aesthetic appeal of Cobogos. With an incredible variety of patterns – geometric, abstract, floral – the possibilities are practically endless. This article offers a true immersion into the different types and styles of Cobogós, inspiring you to consider their applications in future projects or even in your own home.

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Courtesy of E. Baharlou

Walls That Cultivate Life: A University of Virginia Innovation

Have you ever imagined a world where the walls around us not only divide spaces but also cultivate life? It sounds like something straight out of a science fiction movie, but this vision is becoming reality thanks to the groundbreaking work of researchers at the University of Virginia. They are at the forefront of a revolution that combines architecture, technology, and nature in ways never seen before.

These scientists have developed a technique that uses 3D printing to create soil structures capable of supporting plant growth. When using local biological materials, they promote a circular approach to construction, transforming ordinary walls into living, breathing ecosystems.

The heart of this innovation lies in a special mix of soil and seeds, carefully optimized for arid climates. This mixture ensures that plants not only survive but flourish under challenging conditions. The choice of the Sedum plant to star in these living walls is no coincidence. Known for its resistance and ability to thrive with minimal amounts of water, similar to cacti, Sedum is the ideal candidate for this project.

The most impressive aspect of these structures is their complete biodegradability. At the end of their useful lives, they are destined to return to the environment, closing their life cycle sustainably and responsibly.

We are excited to see initiatives like this, which not only challenge our traditional conceptions of building and architecture but also open new paths towards a greener and more sustainable future.

For those who want to delve even deeper into this fascinating topic, we have special content on Instagram. There, you will find a video detailing this incredible innovation. This is a unique opportunity to visualize how the walls around us can grow in life.

Special Announcement: All Speakers at Green Interiors Day São Paulo

We are enormously happy to share the amazing news with you: the full list of 12 renowned speakers who will be with us at Green Interiors Day São Paulo!

It is a great achievement for us to have brought together such a special group of professionals, all leaders in their fields, to share knowledge and experiences about sustainability and innovation.

To learn more about each of the speakers and the event as a whole, we invite you to visit the event page Green Interiors Day São Paulo. There, you will find all the necessary information, and the link will be available to facilitate your access.

And there’s more…

When purchasing access to the São Paulo event, you also gain access to the lectures at Milan’s Green Interiors Day! That’s right, in addition to the 12 speakers we’re announcing, other incredible international professionals are participating, and we’re equally happy to have them with us.

You will have the opportunity to see some of these international speakers already announced on our platform, and the best part, when purchasing the event in São Paulo, you also receive the recordings of the Milan event. If you are interested in the Milan event, know that you will also have access to the lectures at the event in Brazil.

Click here to gain access to the São Paulo event

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This is a unique chance to connect with innovative ideas and inspire people from around the world, all with the comfort of being able to access content from both events. We look forward to sharing these moments of learning and inspiration with you.

Have a great Thursday,

Filipe Boni


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