March 10

[Green Connection #38] Fungus House, Gabions, and Last Tickets



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The First Fungus House Already Exists!

We have an exciting new development that redefines the concept of affordable and ecological housing.

Have you ever imagined a house made of fungi? In West Oakland, California, a pioneering project called Phoenix is ​​doing just that, radically transforming the way we think about home construction.

The Phoenix project is not just a design feat, but a milestone in sustainable construction, offering homes at half the price of conventional homes, built in half the time and with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

Phoenix’s commitment to sustainability is notable, especially in the choice of its materials. The facade, made from mycelium, a carbon-negative biomaterial, not only promotes a sustainable life cycle but is also lightweight, durable, fire resistant, and offers insulation properties comparable to those of glass and rock.

This innovation represents a significant step forward towards a more sustainable future, proving that it is possible to create solutions that benefit both people and the planet.

We made a super interesting video about this project on our Instagram, and you’ll want to check it out.

The Complete Guide to Gabions

We are pleased to present a fascinating article that delves into the world of gabions, an ancient technique that transcends its traditional application in engineering to enter the realm of architecture with surprising versatility.

Many of our readers may not be familiar with how gabions can be integrated into architectural and landscape designs, making this article an indispensable reading.

Click to read the full article

Gabions, known for their strength, durability, flexibility, and permeability, also stand out for their sustainability and ability to promote biodiversity. This article not only explores the intrinsic characteristics that make gabions an attractive ecological option but also provides a historical overview of this practice, from its conception to contemporary applications.

Our analysis covers a broad spectrum of uses for gabions, including, but not limited to, erosion control, construction of retaining walls, flood management, and, most notably, their aesthetic value in landscaping projects. The integration of gabions into modern architecture demonstrates how traditional materials and techniques can be reimagined to meet today’s challenges and aesthetic ideals.

Furthermore, the article highlights how gabions contribute to environmental sustainability. Through promoting biodiversity and effective water management, gabions represent an iconic example of how engineering practices can align with environmental conservation and sustainability goals.

Click to read the full article

Last Tickets for Green Interiors Day in São Paulo!

We are counting down to Green Interiors Day in São Paulo, an unmissable event for everyone who wants to accelerate their knowledge and stand out in the professional world. Scheduled for March 18th, this event is about to become a milestone in your learning journey.

Exciting news: the last tickets are now on sale! Enthusiasm has been so great that we have already exceeded our sales targets, and everything indicates that tickets will sell out before the event. If you are thinking about joining us, now is the time to secure your spot!

For those interested in the event in São Paulo, don’t waste time and access the link we provide:

Click to access the Green Interiors Day São Paulo page

And if you’re a little further away and prefer to plan with more time, we have good news: tickets for the Milan event in April are still available. This is the perfect time to choose the event that best fits your schedule.

Click to access the Green Interiors Day Milan page

Furthermore, we know that doubts may arise. Therefore, we provide a direct link to our WhatsApp, where you can contact us to ask about any details of the events. We are here to help!

Click here to chat with us via Whatsapp

But remember, participating in Green Interiors Day is not just about the event itself. When you visit the page, you will discover that there is much more waiting for you. It’s a unique chance to stand out professionally, diving deep into theories and practices that will put you ahead in your field.

Don’t let this unmissable opportunity pass you by. Check the event page, and get ready to accelerate your knowledge and advance your career. We look forward to seeing you there!

Have a great Monday,

Filipe Boni


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