March 18

[Green Connection #44] Expo-Revestir Coverage, Hemp Concrete, Green Interiors Starter



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Special Coverage of Expo Revestir in São Paulo

Today is an incredible day because we are covering Expo Revestir with a unique perspective: through sustainability. Get ready for those interested in coatings and sustainable innovations: our Instagram will be your destination!

We will offer a series of stories It is live videos, presenting the latest news and trends directly from the event.

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Stay tuned during the day so you don’t miss any of the news we’re bringing from Expo Revestir, which has a special journey into sustainability and exclusive coverage prepared especially for you.

Our Gratitude to Green Interiors Day in São Paulo

We also want to thank everyone who was with us at the Green Interiors Day yesterday. It was, without a doubt, a sensational event, and even though today we cannot go into much more detail about what happened, we want to reiterate our gratitude for your participation and the significant social impact generated.

The discussion on sustainability, focused primarily on sustainable materials, artificial intelligence, bioconstruction, greenwashing, and innovative products, was a real success. We are delighted with the results achieved.

Thank you very much to everyone who participated in this experience. Your support is critical to us, and your shared enthusiasm for sustainability inspires us to continue this important work.

Discover the Swiss Army Knife of Building Materials: Hemp Concrete!

We are excited to share with you our new article, a true journey through the world of Hempcrete – a material we’re calling the “Swiss Army Knife of instant building materials” because of its incredible versatility, sturdiness, and abundant benefits.

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In our deep dive Into this topic, we explore several essential aspects of hemp concrete, making it a fascinating choice for the sustainable future of construction.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll find in the article:

  • What is Hempcrete?: Understand the bases of this innovative material.
  • Why Hempcrete?: The importance of considering it in future projects.
  • Environmental Benefits: Its use significantly reduces the environmental impact.
  • Insulation and Moisture Reduction: Its superior properties promote a healthier environment.
  • Fire resistance: The improved security it offers compared to traditional materials.
  • How it is done: The production process of hemp concrete.
  • Material Properties: Exploring the composition that makes it so special.
  • Applications: Where and how it can be used, showing its versatility.
  • Architectural and Design Considerations: The integration of material into design and structure.
  • Initial Costs and Availability of Materials: Assessing economic viability and ease of access.
  • Case studies: Real examples that demonstrate the success and effectiveness of hemp concrete.

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Have a great Tuesday,

Filipe Boni


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