January 26

Green Connection #7: Solarpunk, Prome AI, and Green Interiors Day Programming


Solarpunk Architecture: The Sustainable and Optimistic Future is Here

Solarpunk Architecture is gaining increasing prominence globally with its innovative vision combining sustainability, technology, and harmony with nature.

Inspired by eco-friendly practices and community resilience, Solarpunk Architecture represents a movement that seeks to create a more sustainable, accessible, and equitable future.

This futuristic philosophy, based on the harmonious integration of humans with nature, is reshaping urban and architectural design. Solarpunk-inspired projects are emerging around the world, bringing layouts that reflect a futuristic aesthetic and sustainable practices.

One of the striking examples of this trend is the work of renowned Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut, whose proposals stand out for combining Biomimetic Design and Sustainable Solarpunk Architecture.

His projects, inspired by patterns and elements of nature, aim to create highly efficient buildings in harmony with the environment. These constructions integrate green technologies such as solar energy and water recycling systems, as well as sustainable materials.

Solarpunk Architecture goes beyond buildings, extending to a broader approach that includes sustainable food systems, clean and accessible energy, and responsible consumption and production practices.

Aligned with the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, this movement emphasizes the importance of sustainable cities and communities.

The Solarpunk philosophy encourages creativity, collaboration, and innovation, promoting a positive and inspiring future vision where sustainability and social justice are fundamental values.

This movement defines a new paradigm for urban and architectural design, showing that creating a future where technology and nature coexist in balance and harmony is possible.

PromeAI: Revolutionizing Design with AI-Powered Creativity Tools

In an era where technology and creativity intertwine more than ever, PromeAI emerges as a groundbreaking tool, redefining the landscape of design and visual art.

This innovative platform offers an array of AI-powered features aimed at a wide range of users, from professionals in architecture, interior, and product design to game and animation designers, as well as marketing personnel, internet operations staff, and even those with no design background.

At the heart of PromeAI’s offerings is its extensive Controllable AIGC model style library, designed to assist users in creating breathtaking designs and visuals.

Whether through sketch rendering, AI image generation, or creative fusion, PromeAI equips its users with tools to bring their creative ideas to life in previously unimagined ways.

Green Interiors Day: Event Schedule

We are super excited about everyone joining us for Green Interiors Day! Great news: you can now check out the complete schedule of the event directly on our website.

Green Interiors Day São Paulo Schedule

Green Interiors Day Milan Schedule

However, it is important to understand that our events have what we call “Evolving Programming”.

This means that our events, when announced, start with our solid base of teachings. I, Sami, and the entire UGREEN team will be there, sharing knowledge and strategies to boost your careers.

But as the event approaches, we will announce new guests who will add even more value for you.

The São Paulo edition of Green Interiors Day is a perfect example. We started with a base schedule and kept adding more and more, always in search of the most incredible event possible.

Of course, sometimes we make last-minute adjustments, but always to improve, never to detract.

Our goal? To deliver the best experience per “square second” for everyone present. We want each moment to be valuable, enriching, and, of course, full of surprises.

So, get ready for an event that evolves, grows, and surprises, just like all of us at UGREEN. We look forward to seeing you there!

Have a great weekend,

Filipe Boni


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