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UGREEN's LEED Green Associate is the most comprehensive, straightforward, and accessible training ever launched. Period.

It is a course focused on students or professionals who seek LEED Accreditation for their careers, in a practical and uncomplicated manner.

Pass on 1st attempt or your money back.

"Wow, this guarantee is bold. Why do you guys do this?"

Because, up to this date, no student has failed using our system, which is based on three principles:

Learn Where & When You Want to

Learn faster on your favorite device. Watch the classes in your own schedule with the best user experience in the market, including videos, audio, and ebooks.

Fast and Accurate Learning Strategy

We designed this course for the fastest, most complete, and accurate learning possible. Interactive, with images and quick editing. Education doesn't have to be depressing.

Search & Destroy Your Week Points

Take our 300-questions simulation test designed to be just like the actual exam. Go to the LEED GA exam with peace of mind and no blind spots that can lead to failure.

It means that, even if you are a complete beginner in the world of green buildings, you will be able to start from the absolute zero and conquer the LEED Green Associate accreditation using only the content available in this course.

Our Classes Make Mastering  The lEED Green Associate Exam Simple

Here's what our classes will cover:

LEED Certification Overview

Certification Rating Systems

Types of Professionals

The LEED Exam Process

Prerequisites & Requirements

LEED Credit Categories

Tips and Tricks for the Exam

Integrative Process

Understand how having a cohesive project team from the beginning, makes all the difference for the project outcome.

Location and Transportation

Learn how project location has a significant impact, direct and indirect, on sustainability.

Sustainable Sites

Understand how to make good decisions while minimizing significant impacts on the land and habitat.

Water Efficiency

The focus here is on developing domestic and foreign economic strategies.

Energy and Atmosphere

It's the category with the highest amount of points. You will understand why during the course...

Materials and resources

Understand how this category has become much more demanding, pushing the market for the better.

internal environmental quality

You will learn that the focus is not just during the project phase. It is in occupation of the building by the long-term users.

innovation and regional priorities

Here is where projects can innovate and push the envelope of the certification going the extra mile. Also, understand what is your location’s regional priority and how to score more points with it.

Many Ask: Why LEED?

LEED was created in the US in 1993 to establish measurable strategies and standards to create sustainable buildings in a viable way for the industry.

Today, it is the most used certification system globally.

Some of the most significant projects in the world choose LEED certification to display their commitment, and large architectural firms have several professionals with this accreditation. Becoming a LEED Green Associate can open up a wide range of career options, especially in this demanding market.

Why Become a LEED Green Associate?

The LEED Green Associate is an accredited professional by the USGBC (US Green Building Council) for having basic knowledge of sustainability strategies.

Becoming a LEED Green Associate is a great differentiator in the job market and how you see the world. You will be part of the group of professionals who apply sustainability and find more career opportunities, even abroad.

Many architects also use LEED techniques to design projects light years away from the competition, getting more competitiveness, quality, and profitability in their work.

Some Success Stories in Portuguese

" - How was the test?
- Good Morning! I passed!
- Haha. Good!
- Thank you very much for the help. Now I'm on vacation but later I'll comment on the course. And start the next one!"

"Filipe and Team! I just left Prometric Morumbi here in Sao Paulo! I passed! Thanks for the platform and all your support!!! Sensational! Thank you very very very much!"

"Good morning Filipe,
Thank you very much for the classes and the course! Thanks to that I got a score of 184 yesterday in the LEED Green Associate test and passed the first time! Thank you in advance for the course and for your attention!"

"Thanks, Philip Everything ok! Hugs"

"Ok Filipe! Yes, I just took the GA and passed the first grade with 87. The course and the book helped a lot!"

What you can expect after You Become a LEED Green Associate

  • You as a LEED expert in client meetings.
  • A drastic increase in your competitiveness.
  • Your project proposals have become more attractive.
  • You as a reference for co-workers and partners.
  • Facilitated elaboration of additional services or consultancies.
  • Its social networks as showcases of differentiated work.
  • An increase in the number of referrals from your office.


for only


  • 8 Extensive Classes Recordings on Members Area
  • LEED Green Associate Book in Digital Version
  • 300 Question Practice Tests
  • Q&A About The LEED Green Associate Exam
  • All Resources You Need To Pass The Exam
  • 2 Guarantees (15 day and Pass on The First Try)

Who is LEED GA suitable for?

Architects & Engineers

who seek to expand their careers and make their curriculum more attractive to firms.

Architectural Office Owners

who are seeking to expand their area of activity in the market of sustainable services and consulting.

Architecture Students

looking to qualify to take on the sustainability sector in architecture offices.

Our Guarantee is Your Peace of Mind

Guaranteed results or 100% money back.

We want to make this decision a lot easier for you. We are so confident that you will love the results you will get with the LEED GA course that we will give you a Dual Guarantee.

Guarantee 1: after purchasing the training, if you don't like the classes or don't get the expected format you wanted in 15 days, send an email to our customer success team, and we will refund 100% of the amount paid.

Guarantee 2: If you study all classes, score above 9 in our simulated tests, take the exam, and do not pass within three months after your purchase, send us an email, and we will refund 100% of your course fee.

Who Teaches This Training?

Sami Meira
Architect, LEED AP BD+C. She graduated from Florida Atlantic University with six years of experience in institutional projects focused on sustainability throughout Florida. She participated in different medium and large commercial projects, including 5 LEED certifications.

Filipe Boni
Architect, LEED AP BD+C. Experience in developing more than 30 residential and office buildings, totaling more than 550,000 m2 designed. He participated in 2 LEED-certified projects.

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