How to Become a

LEED Green Associate

A book by Filipe Boni

Get the LEED Green Associate digital book and discover how to be a professional recognized by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), the most prominent certification entity worldwide.

In 172 pages, we will cover all certifications strategies, the principal sustainable categories, and how to pass the LEED GA exam without hassle.

Hundred of professionals got approved using our book in Portuguese, and now you have the opportunity to get the brand new English version for a special price only on this page.

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Here Are Some Of The Book Chapters:


Why can knowing LEED help you to a sustainable project clearly and measurably? Find out in the course of the book!

LEED Green Associate

What is a LEED GA?

What this professional is and how this accreditation can generate opportunities inside and outside your country.

LEED Green Associate

Water Efficiency

You will learn everything you need to know about internal water savings, such as metals and fixtures, and external savings, such as irrigation systems.

Eficiência da Água

Energy and Atmosphere

It is the category with the highest scores since we can drastically reduce its environmental impacts. You will discover what you can do to achieve energy efficiency in buildings.

Energia e Atmosfera

Materials and Resources

This category has become more demanding and now calls for sustainable material proofs, driving the market for the better. What are these innovative features? You will find out in the course of the book.

Materiais e Recursos

Indoor Environmental Quality

The focus is not only on the project and the work. It is in the occupation by people in the long run. Thermal, visual, acoustic, luminous comfort, and more. Do you know how to achieve these objectives and the most relevant standards in the area?

Qualidade Interna dos Ambientes

How to Take the Exam?

You will learn the LEED prerequisites and credits. Will understand the responsibilities of the project team administrator in coordinating and implementing the process and how to perform the exam successfully.

LEED Green Associate
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