April 11

VG and UGREEN Announce Strategic Merger to Consolidate the Sustainability and Landscaping Market in Civil Construction


United for Sustainability: The founders of VG and UGREEN meet, marking the beginning of a new era of innovation and environmental commitment in the construction sector.

In a significant strategic move, VG, a leader in B2B performance landscaping solutions, and UGREEN, a pioneer in consultancy and education for sustainability in the construction industry, are pleased to announce their merger. This union promises to catalyze the civil construction and sustainable materials market, driving sustainability strategies for developers, construction companies, architecture offices, landscaping and industry, creating an integrated platform for community and unprecedented green services.

As the construction industry continues to evolve, the demand for sustainable solutions that connect people, nature and business has never been more critical in the industry.

Today, Brazil ranks fifth among the countries with the most sustainable works, according to a study carried out by the United States Green Building Council, in 2020.

In 2023 there was a 40% growth in green residential buildings, according to the same body.

The Brazilian civil construction market is expected to generate R$2.7 trillion by 2030, according to ABRAINC (Brazilian Association of Real Estate Developers).

This growth is driven by growing environmental awareness, stricter government regulations and a significant increase in demand for green buildings.

Within this context, the merger between VG and UGREEN is strategically positioned to meet this growing demand, combining expertise in biophilic design with market-leading sustainability practices in construction, highlighting the importance of LEED, EDGE, WELL and Fitwel certifications and cycle life of materials.

These certifications are recognized globally for setting standards of excellence in energy efficiency, health and well-being in built environments. By integrating these rigorous criteria into its projects and consultancies, the merger seeks not only to increase the quality and environmental performance of buildings, but also to promote spaces that significantly improve the quality of life of their occupants.

The merger between VG and UGREEN not only advances the application of nature-based solutions, but also establishes a milestone in the optimization of urban landscape projects, aligning with the most rigorous sustainability standards and significantly contributing to the environmental certification of projects. This approach allows for a holistic LIM® 8D approach, which innovates the way of designing spaces, measuring the impact of landscaping projects on environmental parameters and leveraging these performances to provide data necessary for classification systems within certifications and sustainability assessments at different levels. design (LEED, WELL, BREEAM, SITES, Natural Capital Accounting, Green Infrastructure Evaluation).

“Together, we are ready to lead the forefront of green innovation, delivering solutions that not only meet today’s market needs, but also set the standard for the future of sustainable construction.” says Bruno Watanabe, founder of VG.

The merger creates a robust entity, combining expertise in complex landscaping projects with in-depth knowledge in sustainability. The goal is to offer a full range of sustainable, nature-based solutions that drive positive environmental impact at scale.

Sami Meira, one of the founders of UGREEN, shares the vision of a greener and more sustainable future.

“This merger is a milestone in our journey to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainability. Together, we will amplify our impact, combining our passion and innovation to transform spaces and mindsets,” says Sami.

In a world increasingly focused on sustainable practices, the union between VG and UGREEN emerges as a beacon of innovation and environmental responsibility.

“This merger represents a milestone not only for VG and UGREEN, but for the entire construction sector. By joining forces, we are establishing a new standard of innovation, incorporating a lot of technology, data and sustainable performance standards into our construction projects landscaping in BIM. We generate greater value to the market, delivering greater quality to our customers and the environment, redefining what it means to be a leader in the sector, not only meeting current needs, but anticipating the future demands of a rapidly evolving market.” – Danilo Vilela, CEO of VG

Expansion of Services:

The merger enables the offering of an expanded portfolio of services, including landscaping design and implementation, sustainability consultancy in construction and intensive educational programs for architects, engineers and designers.

With combined resources, the merger strengthens the companies’ international presence, allowing them to operate in new markets and the ability to serve a broader customer base.

In the coming months, the VG and UGREEN teams will work together to integrate their operations, cultures and strategies.

“At UGREEN, we have always believed that education, access to information and certification of construction professionals are fundamental to promoting a significant change towards more sustainable practices. With the merger with VG, this belief is further strengthened. Sustainable building construction is not just a trend, but an urgent need. By fostering a community of sustainability professionals, we are empowering them to design and build with an environmental awareness that goes beyond the conventional. This not only raises the bar across the board. the sector, but also ensures that future generations inherit a greener and more liveable world.” – Filipe Boni, Co-founder of UGREEN

About VG:

VG is recognized for its excellence in high-performance solutions for landscaping and vertical garden projects, serving developers, construction companies and architecture offices with projects that connect people, nature and brands.




UGREEN is a leading force in sustainability education, creating the largest community of industry professionals dedicated to accelerating the world’s transition towards more sustainable practices, positively impacting global companies and communities.



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