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Build the skill of becoming a professional sustainability consultant and take the decisive step towards a career with growth, purpose and high paychecks.

Build the skill of becoming a professional sustainability consultant and take the decisive step towards a career with growth, purpose and high paychecks.

Hi, Future Green Hero! Filipe Boni and Sami Meira here.

I must warn you about the greatest opportunity in history for a career in sustainability in 2023.

So, if you are looking to enter a career with a strong purpose and high profitability, read this letter to the end.

The applications for the Sustainability Consultant Mentoring are now open.

Your membership in Sustainability Consultant Mentoring gives you access to:

Sustainability Consultant Mentoring Live Meeting

In 4 live online meetings on Zoom - once two weeks, everyone with 4-5 hours each - you will receive all the content you need to become a successful Sustainability Consultant. 

These four encounters will cover:

1st Meeting: Prepare For Your Consultant Jounrey Before Starting It

This is the main thing that separates people who will stick to this field and those who will give up quickly.

Why? Many people try to develop consultancies in an area that will not bring a good return on investment of time. Or it has no scalability.

So in this first mentoring session, we will define the best opportunities for your career and understand all duties and responsibilities a successful sustainability consultant must accomplish.

This way, you will start your consultant career with a clear path and not get lost and give up in the middle of the way.

2nd Meeting: Define Your Professional Consultant Workflow

Understanding what you will need to investigate and deliver directly impacts the scalability and success of a sustainability consulting business.

Developing pricing methods, correctly dividing delivery steps, and creating possibilities for agreements or success rates are crucial ways to increase the sustainability of your business.

So in this mentoring session, we will understand the project scope of internal company costs and a complete client conversation script.

3rd Meeting: Design Outstanding Deliverables

The consultancy field has unique possibilities for recurring work, much more than fields like architecture or interior design. But the quality of delivery directly impacts this possibility.

In this session, we will present many reports UGREEN has developed over the years. You will understand how we have developed and improved them, where we collect data, and how we prepare it and present it to happy customers worldwide.

And you will get the skills to do it too.

4th Meeting: Develop a Customer Acquisition Strategy

You have the biggest heart for what you do, but you can't make things happen and grow if you can't find customers.

Getting clients for some people can be good luck, but in our experience, you can overcome bad luck with good processes.

In the fourth encounter, you will learn how to make it happen in your strategy, so you can make clients run after you instead of the opposite.

You will learn how to activate awareness of your ideal customers, make them interested in your work, have automated follow-up processes and significantly increase customer recommendations.

After each live class, you will receive our orientation for questions and current challenges related to your sustainability career.

After these encounters, you will develop the skill to look at sustainability projects and understand exactly what are the following steps to make them successful.

It doesn´t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced consultant…

You will receive a path to be successful on this journey.

What Else Do You Get To Accelerate Your Results?

Sustainability Consultant Live Orientation

After the live classes, we open a roundtable discussion, where Filipe and Sami can ask your questions and have them answered live.

You can also participate in other participant questions, enhancing your knowledge about the sustainability consultant career.

The Sustainability Consultant Plug and Play Documents and Spreadsheets

The biggest problem about courses is that you get content but don´t get documents to put things into practice. You will have inside the mentoring:

  • UGREEN Mentoring Classes Mindmaps.
  • The UGREEN Official Niche Definition Document.
  • The UGREEN Proposal Model.
  • The UGREEN Sustainability Consultancy Sale Script.
  • UGREEN Cost Cash Flow.
  • UGREEN Costs Spreadsheet.
  • UGREEN Project Schedule.
  • Organic Client Attraction Methods Document.
  • Paid Client Attraction Method Document.

With this arsenal of documents, you will be ready to follow your journey without the need to figure out how to create that on your own.

Ongoing Community Followup And 1-month Followup After Mentoring Ends

After the four live encounters, you will have questions that will naturally appear.

That´s why we created an open channel to ask anything and anytime questions about your sustainability consultant career and have quick answers. This channel will be available for one month after the last mentoring meeting.

Behind the Scenes of UGREEN Secret Consultancies Reports

It is challenging to get access to actual sustainability consultant reports. Consultants hide this because this is where the gold is.

Our goal is that you don´t have any dark spots or gaps that confuse your sustainability consultant journey. So you will have the rare opportunity to learn live by the UGREEN secret consultancies reports.

You will know how they work and our comments in each step of the report procedure. You won´t find an opportunity like this anywhere.

Sustainability Consultant VIP Group

Inside the mentoring, you will have a group of fellow members to interact with during the 2-month interaction period.

Here is your opportunity to present yourself, interact, ask or reply to common questions, and create partnerships worldwide. Just this group could have the price of the mentoring, or even more, depending on how smart you use it.

Exclusive Platform With Mentoring Recordings

You will have 1-year access to all the mentoring classes recorded on the Teachable platform. It means you can recap all the life lessons and download all documents.

You will have all your mentoring access in just one place.

20-Hour Certificate

After the mentoring, you will get a special certificate showing you completed the Sustainability Consultant Mentoring.

This certificate issued by UGREEN will undoubtedly open many doors in your sustainability career.

And One More Thing... You Will Get...

A Complete UGREEN Report Model

It is something extraordinary that you won't find anywhere else. Indeed, it would take YEARS for you to develop and create a consultancy report model from scratch. 

Instead, you will get a complete process to dramatically accelerate your results, making it possible for you to become a professional in this field within months.

What are the Bonuses of Joining the Sustainability Consultant Mentoring In The Reopening Day?

We want to privilege those who have already decided to take the next step with us and dramatically accelerate your results.

But of course, these bonuses will be available for a short time.

By getting Sustainability Consultant Mentoring, you get the following bonuses:

Partnership Proposal (first 50 spots)

After the mentoring, you will have a unique opportunity to become a UGREEN partner. We will share our partnership models, and you can have your colleagues or us as partners for sustainability consultancies around the globe.

To make that even easier, you will also have our:

  • Partnership model document.
  • Automated partnership model spreadsheet.

This is the model we already use with partners, so you can see that we have thought about everything to streamline your sustainability consultant jumpstart.

One UGREEN Expansion Course (first 100 spots)

You will have access to choose one of UGREEN best courses for free. When you individually consider the cost of one of these courses, the Sustainability Consultant Mentoring access becomes “free.”

You can choose between these courses below:

How Much Does It Cost?

The results of our members and the rare opportunity of joining a Mentoring with experienced professionals and unique resources prove that the Sustainability Consultant Mentoring could cost between US$2,500 and US$5,000.

But we intend to help those professionals who desire to take a serious step toward a career with high purpose and profitability.

So you will pay only:


Discover Real Case Studies of Some Green Heroes

Removing Any Risks With Our Double Guarantee

7-Day Guarantee

If you have any questions if the Sustainability Consultant Mentoring is for you, see it with your own eyes and make a decision after it. If you don´t like it, you have up to 7 days to ask for your investment back.

12-Month Guarantee

We give full guarantee about the Sustainability Consultant Mentoring. If, after 12 months, you haven´t had any return on your investment, we will refund 100% of the price you paid.

But you need to make your part, pass through our evaluation process, be present in all mentoring classes, accomplish your entire additional course, and fulfill all the proposed exercises. 

If you haven´t any results, the guarantee process includes an individual consultancy session to identify the adjustment points. If it is identified that it is a problem of the UGREEN Method, we will refund your money back.

So you won´t have any risks about your sustainability journey.

Meeting your MENTORS

Filipe Boni and Sami Meira's mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainability. They found green consultancies and education to be the principal strategy of this green transformation.

Since 2015, they have helped renowned companies like L'Occitane, Roca, Boticario Group, and others to achieve more sustainable practices. But their main project is to give the tools to people who can make a positive difference. Today, they helped over 200,000 green heroes in 146 countries with actionable sustainability strategies in all its extension and importance.

More than helping people have better careers, they are here to make it possible for you to plant a lasting seed, so people can grow with a sustainable mindset and make the world a better place through their leadership.


We have a team of official consultants to help you with enrollment. Don´t stay out of the group for a question is unanswered.

Click here to contact one of our consultants on Whatsapp. Or click on the link below to complete your registry.


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