Develop your Building Fitwel Certification and position your brand toward a sustainable future.

Increase Transparency

Improve Sustainability

Increase Brand Trust

Increase Rent & Sales

Improve Brand Significance With Fitwel Certification

Fitwel is a certification system that improves the health and wellness of building occupants through design and operational strategies.

Developed by the CDC and GSA, it includes standards for outdoor spaces, active design, healthy food options, environmental quality, mental health, transportation, and community connections. 

Fitwel can be applied to various building types and is a cost-effective way for building owners to promote health and wellness. 

There are many benefits to developing a Fitwel Certification With UGREEN:

  • Improved health and well-being of building occupants: Fitwel-certified buildings are designed and operated to promote physical activity, healthy eating, mental health, and environmental quality, which can lead to improved health outcomes for building occupants.
  • Increased productivity and performance: Studies have shown that a healthy built environment can lead to increased productivity and performance among building occupants.
  • Enhanced brand reputation: Earning Fitwel certification can help a building stand out in the market and demonstrate a commitment to health and wellness.
  • Cost savings: Implementing Fitwel standards can lead to cost savings through reduced absenteeism, reduced healthcare costs, and reduced energy consumption.
  • Improved tenant satisfaction: Building occupants who have access to a healthy built environment may be more satisfied with their work or living environment, which can lead to increased retention rates.
  • Marketability: Fitwel-certified buildings may be more attractive to tenants, buyers, and investors who prioritize health and wellness.

UGREEN´s mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainability. The World’s Top Brands Rely On UGREEN Processes

Since 2015, we have in our portfolio renowned companies to achieve more sustainable practices. UGREEN’s goal is to give companies tools to connect deeply with a transparent society and make a positive difference.

UGREEN is here to allow companies to plant lasting seeds so society can evolve profoundly through their leadership and help them grow sustainably.

Below are some continents where we have advanced sustainability through our consultancies.

How To Start Your Fitwel Certification With UGREEN

1. Schedule a Call With UGREEN Team

2. Receive Our Fitwel Diagnosis

3. Discuss The Most Cost-Effective Fitwel Certification Strategy

4. Receive the Fitwel Pre-Certification & Design Phase Report

5. Receive the Fitwel Certification Construction Report

6. Achieve Fitwel Certification And Bigger Sustainable Goals

You Can’t Afford to Lose Territory on Sustainability

There is good and bad news if you’ve got a great company but don’t know how to show sustainability commitment.

The bad news? You will lose brand relevance. Because new generations with a better environmental consciousness will come into financial maturity in the next five years, and brands without sustainability commitment will be less relevant each year, like having a CD player in a world of streaming services.

Know you are not alone. When it comes to sustainability, many companies struggle. They are so close to their processes that sometimes they don't see the blind spots. So when they realize this, they must catch up when taking their buildings to the future.

The good news? You can make the change much faster than you thought and be ahead of your regions market. This is what a Fitwel Certification from UGREEN can do for you.

Your buildings will showcase your sustainable brand positioning, clients will recognize and even pay more for your spaces, and you will get direct, and indirect brand results that you never knew were possible. 

That’s why you can’t afford to lose territory on sustainability.

Our Promise to You:

Create trust globally 

You will have a transparent and internationally recognized certification to present to your customers, showcasing your brand's efforts in sustainability.

Streamlined Process

UGREEN's process and connections worldwide accelerate the Fitwel certification, making your sustainability jump faster and easier.

Discover Improvement Points

A Fitwel Certification presents many ways to improve the entire company, increasing building efficiency and profits.

Safe Company Secrets

UGREEN's process of developing the Fitwel Certification is entirely secure, with an agreed plan established on the contract signed.

Enhanced Brand Positioning

You will create a positioning worth showing, where people connect and develop trust.

Return of The Investment

Increase company sales and profits by building areas and getting better financial opportunities by fulfilling higher ESG goals.

Don't Delay Your Space In The Future

Many companies are moving toward a sustainable future. Don´t delay this process for your company. Talk to UGREEN specialists and discover the possibilities that a Fitwel Certification has for your company's future.

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