January 31

[Green Connection #10] Air Purification in Cities, LEED v5 and LEED Exam




JULY 8TH TO 12TH, 2024


JULY 8TH TO 12TH, 2024


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Discover Verto: The Air Purification Revolution in Cities

Have you ever imagined a city where the air is purified by a single tower? This innovative reality is being brought forth by Studio Symbiosis, which, upon moving to New Delhi, faced a challenge common to many metropolises: severe air pollution.

The answer to this challenge came in the form of Verto, a 5.5-meter-tall air purification tower designed to be effective and a design icon.

Equipped with artificial intelligence and advanced filtering systems, Verto can purify up to 600 thousand cubic meters of air daily. Its effectiveness extends up to 500 meters, transforming highly polluted areas into spaces with breathable air.

The secret to this innovative efficiency lies in sophisticated aerodynamics and recyclable filters. And, consuming energy equivalent to a vacuum cleaner, Verto represents a sustainable and highly effective solution to air pollution.

The first test in New Delhi was a success and a revolutionary milestone. Demonstrating incredible potential in improving urban air quality, Verto opens up new possibilities for a cleaner and healthier future.

News from LEED v5 Version: A Transformative Milestone for Low Carbon Future

LEED v5, the next update to the LEED certification, represents a significant step towards a built environment aligned with a low-carbon emission future.

This version anticipates critical issues such as equality, health, ecosystems, and resilience.

Key Features of LEED v5

  1. Carbon Emissions: The future LEED v5 will address the primary sources of carbon emissions in buildings, including operational, embedded, and transport-related emissions. All categories of future LEED v5 will promote carbon awareness in the industry, rewarding existing buildings that lead to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing clear guidelines for new low-emission buildings.
  2. Health: The future LEED v5 will facilitate the creation and maintenance of healthy and safe spaces, promoting physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It will include credits for ongoing indoor air quality assessment and strategies to address health risks like infections and wildfires.
  3. Resilience: The future LEED v5 will recognize the importance of being prepared and adapted for extreme events. It will assist projects in understanding occupant needs and implementing resilience strategies related to climate and environmental risks.
  4. Equality: The future version will encourage understanding and addressing the social impact of projects. There will be a focus on equality in cleaning operations, supporting disadvantaged communities through renewable energy projects, and promoting equitable access to sustainable buildings.

The first release of LEED v5 is aimed at existing buildings, seeking to provide a clear, practical, and innovative rating system.

Are you looking to Take the LEED Accreditation Exam?

Version 5 of the LEED certification promises to bring new challenges and stricter criteria, reflecting the latest trends and innovations in the sector.

With these changes, it is also expected that the exam will become more complex and comprehensive to become a LEED-accredited professional.

Therefore, if you plan to obtain your LEED accreditation or want to stay updated with the latest sustainable building practices, now is the ideal time to prepare. To assist you on this journey, we offer specialized training covering all aspects of LEED certification to make you an accredited professional.

This training is a unique opportunity to deepen your knowledge, understand the new certification requirements, and effectively prepare for the exam. By participating, you will join a group of pioneering professionals leading the way in sustainable practices in the construction industry.

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