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[Green Connection #12] Translucent Wood, Catalyzing Sustainability and a Reflection




JULY 8TH TO 12TH, 2024


JULY 8TH TO 12TH, 2024


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Translucent Wood: The Innovation that Illuminates

Today, I bring a novelty that can transform how you see wood… literally! Have you ever imagined a wood almost as transparent as glass but with much greater strength?

It seems like something out of a science fiction movie, but it’s a reality thanks to the engineers at the University of Maryland. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of translucent wood!

Imagine windows, exterior facades, and even electronic devices made of wood that allow the passage of light while maintaining the strength and natural beauty of this material so loved by all.

This is now possible with translucent wood, an innovation redefining design and architecture’s boundaries.

How is it Made? A Surprisingly Simple Process

Transforming wood into an almost transparent material is as interesting as the final product. First, the wood is treated with sodium hydroxide and other chemicals, which make it colorless.

Then, it is immersed in epoxy, making it more transparent and more resistant. The secret lies in the tiny channels of the wood, which allow light transmission when filled with epoxy.

Versatility with Different Types of Wood

The most impressive thing is that this technology works with various types of wood, including pine and maple. This opens up an incredible range of possibilities for use in different projects and applications.

Imagine natural light filtering through a translucent wooden door or the elegance of a facade that combines the beauty of wood with the transparency of glass.

Translucent wood is not just a technological breakthrough but an open door to new ideas and concepts in design and architecture.

It challenges us to think differently about traditional materials and how we can use them to simultaneously create functional, beautiful, and sustainable spaces.

So, the next time you think about wood, remember: it can be much more than it seems!

Unraveling the Objectives of Green Interiors Day

We are excited to share with you the two main objectives behind Green Interiors Day, a movement aimed at boosting sustainability on a global scale.

These events will occur in São Paulo on March 18, the eve of Expo Revestir, and in Milan before the Salone Del Mobile.

1. Personal Knowledge and Professional Implementation:

At Green Interiors Day, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in an intensive learning experience about sustainable design and innovative materials.

We want you to leave the event with deepened knowledge and practical tools to implement these ideas professionally.

Imagine visiting Expo Revestir or Salone Del Mobile with a unique perspective, able to ask suppliers more informed and meaningful questions. This is the chance to stand out as a truly sustainable professional.

2. Catalyst for Sustainability:

Our second objective is to empower you to be an agent of change in the industry.

With the knowledge gained at Green Interiors Day, you can question suppliers about sustainable practices and influence the market.

We want each participant to become a catalyst for sustainability, capable of driving significant changes in the sector and society.

The Journey Continues:

Green Interiors Day is just the beginning of an ongoing movement. We plan to be present before significant industry events, providing a space for learning and inspiration. We believe that together, we can make a real and lasting difference.

We are eager to hear from you if you have suggestions for other locations where we could hold Green Interiors Day or ideas to broaden our impact.

Reply to this email and join us on this journey of sustainable transformation.

2024: Navigating the Art of Creating and Transforming

As 2024 unfolds, bringing new challenges and opportunities, I want to share some words of inspiration and encouragement for you on this creative and transformative path.

Find Beauty in the Process

Remember, the process of creation is as important as the final product. Each line you draw, each concept you develop, is an extension of your passion and skill. Celebrate every small victory and learn from the challenges. Beauty is not just in the completed project but in the journey that leads to it.

Open Yourself to Change

The world of architecture and design is constantly evolving. Be adaptable and open to new trends, techniques, and technologies. Change is not just inevitable; it is a source of inspiration and growth. See every change as an opportunity to innovate and enhance your skills.

Connect with the Community

Never underestimate the power of a community. Connecting with other professionals can be an inexhaustible source of support, inspiration, and knowledge. Be a mentor to beginners and learn from the experience. Together, you can face challenges, share successes, and propel the industry forward.

Take Care of Yourself

Don’t forget to care for your physical and mental health amid deadlines and projects. Balance work and personal life, and find time to relax and recharge. You are your most valuable resource; taking care of yourself is essential to maintaining creativity and passion.

Maintain the Vision

In moments of doubt or challenge, remember why you chose this path. Your vision and creativity have the power to transform spaces and lives. Keep this passion alive and let it guide your work.

2024 is a year full of potential. With each project, you can leave a positive mark on the world. Believe in your abilities, value each experience, and continue to create spaces that inspire and delight.

May this year be filled with creativity, success, and personal fulfillment.

Have a great Weekend!

Filipe Boni


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