March 11

[Green Connection #39] Virtual Reality in Architecture, Sustainable Coastal Protection, and 6 Days to Green Interiors Day São Paulo



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An Urban Oasis: How Living Breakwaters is Reinventing Coastal Protection in New York

Amid the beating heart of New York, a visionary project called Living Breakwaters is changing the way we think about coastal protection. Developed by the renowned firm ENSCAPE Landscape Architecture, this innovative project was crowned the big winner of the Obel Prize 2023, marking a significant milestone in sustainable architecture and design.

What Makes Living Breakwaters Unique?

Along the southern shore of Staten Island, stretching nearly 730 meters, Living Breakwaters is much more than a simple sea defense structure. This living breakwater system is constructed from an ingenious combination of stone, concrete, and environmentally friendly materials.

But what sets it apart is the vibrant ecosystems that it supports. The project creates physical barriers against storms and erosion and serves as a nursery for oysters, fish, and diverse marine life.

More than Protection: A Commitment to Ecology and Community

Living Breakwaters goes beyond the function of a mere breakwater; it is a celebration of life, promoting flourishing ecosystems and strengthening the connection between the community and the sea. By revitalizing entire ecologies, the project demonstrates an innovative approach to coastal design that balances human needs with nature’s.

For Staten Island residents and visitors, Living Breakwaters reminds them of the importance of living in harmony with our environment. It offers security against natural forces and a space for environmental appreciation and education, allowing people to experience the richness of marine biodiversity up close.

See Living Breakwaters in Action

Intrigued to see how Living Breakwaters is transforming the Staten Island coastline? We have a special invitation for you.

Watch a video on our Instagram that captures this revolutionary project’s essence. Immerse yourself in the images and stories of Living Breakwaters and discover how it is shaping the future of coastal protection and marine conservation in New York.

Realidade Virtual na Arquitetura

Discover the Evolution of Virtual Reality in Architecture

We are pleased to share with you an innovative article on our blog that takes a deep dive into the fascinating journey of virtual reality (VR) in architecture. From its beginnings in the 1960s to the futuristic prospects unfolding before us, this article is a true time capsule and future vision rolled into one.

Virtual reality has transformed how we visualize and interact with spaces, even before they are built. Our article not only chronicles this evolution but also highlights the technical process behind the creation of immersive virtual environments in architecture. With accessible technical details, we aim to unravel the layers that make up this revolutionary technology, making it understandable to everyone.

Additionally, we explored several benefits of using virtual reality in architecture, from improving client communication to unprecedented immersion in the design process. We have included intriguing case studies demonstrating VR in action to illustrate these points better, highlighting its transformative potential in real projects.

If you are curious to understand how virtual reality is redefining the boundaries of architecture and want to delve deeper into the technical aspects and success stories behind this technology, our article is a must-read.

Read the full article on our blog

Last spots for Green Interiors Day: A Milestone in Sustainability is Coming!

The countdown has begun: There are just six days left for Green Interiors Day São Paulo, and spaces are quickly filling up! This event, which promises to be a milestone in the Brazilian interior design market, will begin next Monday, March 18th.

We are tremendously excited to reveal what we have prepared: a series of talks with some of the most revolutionary sustainability experts. They joined us to create a truly unique day, bringing ideas and projects that promise to transform our approach to sustainability in interior design.

For those with us at this event, get ready to experience something special. We look forward to sharing insights and innovations that, we believe, have never been presented with such intensity in the Brazilian market.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of this historic moment! Sign up now to secure your place at Green Interiors Day in São Paulo. And for those who can’t join us this time, we have good news: a second event will take place in Milan on April 15. Both opportunities are unmissable for anyone who wants to be at the forefront of sustainable design.

Register for the São Paulo event

Secure your place for the Milan event

We are waiting for you so that together, we can take a big step towards a more sustainable future. Be part of this transformation!

Have a great Tuesday,

FIlipe Boni


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