March 12

[Green Connection #40] Biggest Greenwashings of 2023, Neuroaesthetics and AI in Interior Design



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The Biggest Greenwashing Cases in 2023: A Warning for Consumers and Professionals

In a world where the sustainability is increasingly valued, it is sad to see how some organizations try to manipulate this trend in their favor, without really contributing to the good of the planet.

This is known as greenwashing, an unfortunately common practice where companies claim to be sustainable just to improve their image without actually being so.

In 2023, we witness notorious cases that deserve our attention.

1. Verra and the Carbon Credits Scandal

Verra, the largest certifier of carbon credits, was caught in a scandal where, according to investigations by The Guardian, Die Zeit and Source Materials, 94% of credits sold failed to bring tangible climate benefits.

Of the 95 million tons of CO2 that companies thought they were compensating for, only 5.5 million were actually reduced. Big names likeDisney, Shell It isGucci they were tricked into paying for a positive impact that never happened.

2. Amazon Aware: A Not So Sustainable Line

Amazon tried to embrace sustainability with its Aware line but failed miserably. Products from this line were delivered in single-use plastic packaging, contradicting the entire concept of sustainability.

An investigation by The Telegraph also highlighted the long transport journey of these products as a severe problem, highlighting the importance of proximity in extraction, manufacturing, and distribution for true sustainability.

3. FIFA: A Broken Promise at the World Cup

The biggest greenwashing case of 2023 came from FIFA, which promised a World Cup carbon neutral in Qatar, but ended up delivering the most polluting event in the tournament’s history.

With 4.67 million tons of CO2 emitted, the promise of carbon neutrality was contradicted, placing the organization under investigation by the Swiss justice system.

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The Importance of Surveillance

These cases highlight the importance of judging the practices of others and constantly conducting self-analysis. At UGREEN, we are always reevaluating our practices to ensure our actions align with our sustainability values.

It is crucial that you, as a professional, do the same, ensuring that your practices truly contribute to a more sustainable future.

Be aware of greenwashing practices and make informed choices, whether in product selection or defining your own sustainable practices. Together, we can make a difference.

See on Instagram our video discussion on these greenwashing cases.

Discovering Beauty Through Science: Our New Article on Neuroaesthetics

We just published a fascinating article which explores the intersection between neuroscience and aesthetics, known as neuroaesthetics. This emerging field offers precious insights into how our brains perceive beauty, art and creativity, and how these perceptions can directly influence our well-being and the way we interact with the environment around us.

More than a simple analysis, our article delves into how neuroaesthetics relates to sustainable practices in architecture, highlighting the importance of understanding the neural basis of our aesthetic appreciation to innovate in the design of spaces that not only respect the environment, but also promote a healthier and happier life for their users.

Main topics covered:

  • Design Biofílico: We explore how integrating natural elements into interior design and architecture can significantly improve our mental and physical health.
  • Neuroaesthetics: We delve into the science of how the human brain perceives beauty and how this can be applied to create more inspiring and aesthetically pleasing environments.
  • Sustainable Urban Design: We discuss the importance of incorporating neuroaesthetic principles into urban planning to create more vibrant and sustainable cities.
  • Intersection of Neuroaesthetics and Sustainable Architecture: We look at how these two fields can work together to revolutionize the way we think about building and designing spaces.
  • Practical Applications: We offer concrete examples of how the principles of neuroaesthetics can be used in sustainable design.
  • Future Directions: We speculate on the potential of neuroaesthetics to further innovate the field of sustainable design.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about how beauty and science can come together to create a more sustainable and aesthetically pleasing future.

Check out the full article here.

Countdown to Green Interiors Day: A Revolution in Interior Design with Artificial Intelligence

We are just five days one of the most anticipated events in the world of interior design, the Green Interiors Day. This event is not only a showcase for the latest trends, but also a stage for the innovations that are shaping the future of design.

This year, I am honored to be among the speakers, bringing a topic that promises to not only inspire but also challenge our understanding of interior design: the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI is already a reality in our daily lives, presenting us with enchanting images and innovative videos. However, its potential goes much further. My presentation at Green Interiors Day will be dedicated to exploring how we can use AI not just as a tool to create beauty, but as an instrument of real change not interior design.

Our focus? Sustainability. We are looking for ways that ally responsibility, transparency and ethical use of available information. We want to show that it is possible to have a significant space in the market, without becoming mere operators of advanced software.

This meeting will be an unmissable opportunity for interior design professionals, enthusiasts and visionaries. Together, we can discover how to deepen our craft and secure our place in the market, offering solutions that not only beautify, but also benefit the world.

Mark your calendar: the event takes place on the day March 18th in São Paulo and April 15th in Milan. Tickets are running out, so get yours as soon as possible using the links below. And, of course, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to listen to you.

We’re waiting for you on Green Interiors Day. Let’s shape the future of interior design together!

Ticket link – São Paulo

Ticket link – Milan

Have a great Wednesday,

Filipe Boni
Founder of UGREEN


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