January 23

Green Connection #4: Materials Site, AI Discoveries, and a Special Treat from Green Interiors Day




JULY 8TH TO 12TH, 2024


JULY 8TH TO 12TH, 2024


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I have an exciting update to share with you, and I must clarify that this is not an advertisement. I’m sharing this because I truly believe it could be incredibly useful for many of us.

Recently, I discovered a website called 2050 Materials. It’s an innovative platform focused on transforming how we deal with sustainability in the construction industry.

What’s fascinating about 2050 Materials is how they make complex information about products and sustainability accessible. This is especially valuable for architects and interior designers.

The platform offers analytical tools to assist in choosing sustainable materials, contributing to creating more environmentally friendly structures.

Besides being an incredible resource for information on sustainable products, 2050 Materials offers a Sustainability Data API. This is perfect for integrating with internal processes, making data searching accurate and efficient.

2050 Materials Interface

The goal of 2050 Materials is noble: they aim to transform human and environmental health, just like we do at UGREEN.

I hope this tip is as inspiring for you as it was for me. I am happy to share resources that can make a difference!

Accelerating Internal Office Process Productivity with AI

Let me teach you a trick with ChatGPT that could unlock some interesting functionalities for your company’s daily operations. Here’s what happened:

Last week, I returned from vacation and was updating some data for our company. A question that intrigued me was: how many countries have UGREEN had students?

Answering this question was challenging due to the various tables from different checkouts, which were often incompatible. In my last update, we reached out to students from 146 countries.

So, I did the following: I uploaded all the spreadsheets I had to ChatGPT and asked for it!

And the tool provided me with valuable insights. Contrary to what we thought, we discovered we have students in 188 countries, not just 146. We also identified which countries we impacted the most.

This discovery broadened our understanding of UGREEN’s global impact and opened new horizons for expansion and engagement strategies.

ChatGPT proved to be an incredibly versatile tool, capable of precisely analyzing large volumes of data.

For businesses like mine and yours, where time is precious, and the workload is intense, ChatGPT offers a way to make processes more efficient.

Imagine the possibilities for your workflow: being able to customize project spreadsheets, analyze supplier data, and optimize resource management – all of this becomes possible with the intelligent use of ChatGPT.

Besides data analysis for more sustainable projects, which I mentioned in Green Connection #1…

The potential for customization and the ability to extract valuable information from data can revolutionize our work. With this tool, we can increase productivity and provide a more personalized and higher-quality service to our clients.

I want to discuss this more in February’s third edition of the Architecture AI Workshop. This event promises to be sensational, offering a unique opportunity to learn, share experiences, and connect with other professionals.

Green Interiors Day: A Special Surprise for Registrants!

We are preparing something special for those registering for Green Interiors Day in São Paulo and Milan. Curious to know what it is?

Each of you will have the chance to receive a spectacular personalized artwork! This art will highlight what to expect from the event and its importance.

But why are we doing this? Of course, we want to promote the event. But there’s an even more important reason! By showing an interest in sustainability, you are breaking barriers in the market for yourselves!

This increases the notoriety of Green Interiors Day and shows your clients and families the growing relevance of sustainability in our lives. We are sending a clear message: we are committed to a greener, more sustainable future.

By creating these personalized artworks, we want to celebrate your participation and strengthen the community around sustainability. Each piece is a reminder that we are building a better world.

So, get ready to receive something unique, created especially for you!

And remember, by participating in Green Interiors Day, you are not just joining an event. You are becoming part of a larger movement.

We are eager to see all of you there, bringing your colors and energies to make this event even more vibrant and impactful. Together, let’s make Green Interiors Day an unforgettable experience!

Have a great Tuesday,

Filipe Boni
Founder of UGREEN


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