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Sustainability is no longer the future, it's the present

Sustainability has never been more in demand in all areas, and in civil construction this is no different. Large companies invest in sustainability to ensure the resilience of their assets. Customers understand that sustainability enhances their health and well-being.

Therefore, carrying out sustainable projects expands your portfolio of opportunities, generates more impact on your practice and enables you to leave a true legacy for the world. Our training school can help you in this transformation.

How will you become a complete sustainable professional

1st Pillar
Courses in sustainable architecture and interiors

You will learn the main criteria that make residential, interior and even buildings projects sustainable. You will have access to the GreenScript and Sustainable Interiors Course.

2nd Pillar
Courses in international standards and certifications

You will learn the most current criteria by national standards and international certifications such as LEED and WELL. You will have access to our LEED classes, providing your international status through the USGBC (United States Green Building Council).

3rd Pillar
Courses in computer simulations

Learn computer simulation with Energyplus, Dialux, Sefaira, among others, and analyze the energy efficiency, thermal comfort, natural and artificial lighting of your projects. You will be able to demonstrate benefits to your customers, valuing your services. You can also sell these services separately, profiting more from each project. Your access will include Simulation classes with Energyplus, Dialux, Sefaira, among others.

4th Pillar
Advanced marketing and sales course

Here you will learn how to sell your services using sustainability as a sales differential, getting more and better projects. You will have access to the Green Sale and Green Social Course.

90% of the market does not know how to carry out sustainable projects

When you learn how to carry out sustainable projects, you stand out from all your competitors. There are hundreds of unexplored sustainable strategies in all project typologies.


This is not an academic course

In the Greenhero Community, the strategy is completely different.

The methodology follows the market: it's dynamic! Our courses are focused on practical reality, enabling you to learn and act with newly learned strategies, without needing a complete postgraduate degree.

As counterintuitive as this may seem, the idea is to provide an intense discovery of new possibilities that allow results quickly.


The magic of learning is to see the resulting transformations taking place immediately. In this way, you get small results, are encouraged to continue mastering techniques and achieve great results.

Our content is practical, dynamic and based on robust sources, with techniques tested in the real world. We want you to feel secure in applying everything you've learned in the workplace.

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limited discount, valid for access to all courses. 100% secure payment

How the courses of the Greenhero Community courses are structured.

Each course has 20+hours of classes and its own certificate.

The complete roadmap for your sustainable architecture design

The GreenScript has everything you need to make your practice aligned with the principles of sustainability and position you as a leader in your region in a faster, integrated and effective process. You will learn green strategies on:

  • Energy saving
  • Water efficiency
  • Thermal comfort
  • Daylighting and artificial lighting
  • And more!

Regular Course Price: US$447

Provide best customer experience through biophilic design

Biophilic Design is an excellent ally to architects, engineers, and designers who seek to provide the best customer experience. You will learn:

  • Environmental elements
  • Natural shapes
  • Natural patterns
  • Light and space
  • And more!

Regular Course Price: US$397

The roadmap to sell projects and services using sustainability as a differential

In this course, you will understand how to grow your sustainable business using right processes. You will discover:

  • How to position and educate your market to increase sales
  • How to deal with common objections from your market
  • How to differentiate yourself from other professionals
  • How to scale your sustainable business
  • And more!

Regular Course Price: US$297

Provide health benefits, productivity, and quality of life to your interior design

Interior Designers that apply sustainable design strategies develop healthier and more productive spaces that result in more significant ROI. They become your showcase for career recognition and new project referrals. You'll learn:

  • Air quality
  • Daylighting and artificial lighting
  • Acoustic comfort
  • Sustainable materials
  • And more!

Regular Course Price: US$397

Your networking worldwide community with fresh and interactive weekly live classes

You will get connected to our fellow students all over the planet and increase your network possibilities. You will get:

  • Weekly live classes access
  • PDF guides & mindmaps on each class
  • Worldwide networking community
  • Worldwide events VIP access & replays
  • Project behind-the-scenes
  • And more!

Regular Price: US$497

The complete process for your social sustainable design disclosure

In this course, you will understand how to disclose your work on networks and grow your brand online. You will discover:

  • How to disclose your work in social networks
  • The strategy to keep you omnipresent only to people that matters
  • How to automate processes so you spend less energy on it
  • And how to grow using this strategy

Regular Course Price: US$97

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limited discount, valid for access to all courses. 100% secure payment

For whom the courses is intended

The Greenhero Community is for those who already carry out - or are looking to carry out - sustainable projects or works. It is access to the complete process and all the strategies of our courses.

So it will help you, who still don't understand anything about sustainable projects or consulting. It will also help you, who already carry out some strategies and have some results, or even you who are already an experienced consultant in the field.

Many of the great professionals in sustainable construction are UGREEN students.

High degree of satisfaction among our students

I worked 8 years as a university professor and it exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended.

Elena Oliveira

Lisbon, Portugal

These are advanced strategies for architects looking to become a reference in the architecture field."

Carolina Zampier

London, England

I've been working in the field for 17 years and the course brought me a methodology to optimize the work I already do.

Maria Eugênia

Salvador, Brazil

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limited discount, valid for access to all courses. 100% secure payment

Our processes have already been used in companies such as

Who is behind this green movement?

Our mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable construction. We found on consultancies and education the principal strategy of this green transformation.

Since 2015, we educated more than 200,000 #greenheroes all over the globe with sustainable strategies in all its extension and importance.

More than only help people do better projects, we are here to plant a lasting seed, so students and professionals can grow their careers with a sustainable mindset and make the world a better place through their leaderships.

Frequent questions

How can this group help me?

The group will benefit anyone who wants to improve their understanding of sustainable building and take great action in their business. It is especially useful for architects, civil engineers, environmental engineers, foresters, mechanics, interior designers, and anyone who wants to carry out constructions that aim at human beings, the environment and the planet.

Is it online? Can I watch as many times as I want?

Yes. Access is online and you can watch whenever, wherever and however much you want. After completing any training, you can start over if you are interested.

If you don't like it, what is the cancellation policy like?

If you are not satisfied with the community within 30 days, you can send an email and request a refund. Members who follow the trainings, access all the materials and are actively taking part love the platform and are more successful in their business.

Do I need to be trained to participate in training?

No, you don't need to be trained to participate in training. Many students who do are not and are achieving great results in their academic lives.

What if I have questions or need support?

Once enrolled, you will receive information on how to contact us via email for questions within the training. You will also be able to ask questions within each class.

Do courses have a certificate?

Yes. After completing the courses and taking the tests, you will be able to issue your certificate automatically.

How can I renew?

After 1 year, the UGREEN Community for Sustainable Architecture can be renewed. The renewal process happens automatically, but if you do not wish to renew, you can send an email to contato@ugreen.com.br or cancel on the payment platform itself.

I have an additional question. How can I get an answer?

You can send an email to contato@ugreen.com.br with the subject "Community Question". We will be happy to answer you in a few hours.

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limited discount, valid for access to all courses. 100% secure payment

What legacy do you want to transmit to the world?

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