UGREEN Courses

Welcome to our sustainability courses! We are thrilled to offer a range of comprehensive and interactive learning experiences designed to help you dive deep into the world of sustainability and make a real difference in the world.

Our fantastic courses cover a wide range of topics, from energy efficiency to sustainable materials and biophilic design. 

Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced professional looking to expand your knowledge, we have something for everyone. So join us and start your journey towards a more sustainable future today!

Some companies that already trust UGREEN:

Include Health And Wellness In Your Projects With Biophilic Design

  • Get a whole new nature repertoire in your projects.
  • Achieve more satisfied customers improving cognitive functions.
  • Get more shared results on social media with design differentiation.
  • Achieve more satisfaction in designing.

Level: Basic to Advanced

Everything you need to make your practice aligned with the principles of sustainability

  • Discover better project opportunities.
  • Increase your architecture & design value.
  • Boost Your clients health and well-being.
  • Raise social and environmental benefits.
  • Communicate better your differentials.

Level: Basic to Advanced

Get The Process To Develop Sustainable Interiors

  • Provide environments with more health, productivity and quality of life.
  • Differentiate yourself with projects of greater efficiency.
  • Approach by the most modern international standards.
  • Themes such as air quality, acoustics, thermal comfort, among others.

Level: Basic to Advanced

Become an Internationally Recognized Sustainable Professional by the USGBC

  • Recommended for those looking to work on environmental certifications.
  • Your start to an internationally recognized sustainable career.
  • Covers all categories of LEED V4.1 certification.
  • A complete process for you to pass the exam safely.

Level: Basic